We're celebrating Thanksgiving week by offering a 50% discount on selected microtransactions! We frequently admire the fashionable ensembles the community creates and we've asked our resident stylists to put forward a few suggestions of their own. We've curated four full outfits that are designed to make your exiles look suave for any event, whether it's killing, being killed or amassing a wealth of fish. Check out this video showcase of all the outfits available!

Although we've assembled these microtransactions into outfits, it's their individual pieces that are available at 50% off. You're not required to purchase the full outfit to participate in the sale - you can buy whichever individual microtransactions interest you. To see all the microtransactions available and their sale prices, check out the specials section of the store. This sale lasts from the time of this post until Nov 30, 2016 2:00 AM (EST) (this is displayed in your local time).

The Arcane Mage

This character is using the Arcane Body Armour, Steam-powered Wand, Steam-powered Boots, Demon King Gloves, Vanishing Dye and the Pukeko Pet.

NOTE: We noticed that the Breachspawn Cloak looks great with this outfit and so we've showcased it alongside the items that are for sale. The cloak is only available from the Breachspawn Supporter Pack which is not discounted as part of this sale. However, this pack does come with 250 points to spend on the other microtransactions from the sale!

The Noxious Executioner

This character is using the Bandana Helmet Skin, Twisted Horns, Necrotic Body Armour, Steam-powered Boots and the Serpent Egg Wand.

The Dapper Brute

This character is using the Infernal Helmet, Vampiric Body Armour, Vampiric Gloves, Demon King Boots, Crypt Sword Skin, Ebony Weapon Effect and Infernal Footprints.

The Desert Warrior

This character is using the Arc of Courage Bow Skin, Seraph Weapon Effect, Seraph Footprints, Fiery Visage Helmet Effect, Demon King Horns Helmet Skin, Steam-powered Gloves, Ebony Blast Rain and Bear Body Armour.

We hope there's something for everyone in this sale. We're experimenting with offering more multi-sales in future and welcome any feedback you may have about what you'd like to see in future. If you're looking for some points to spend on this sale, we recommend checking out the new Breach Supporter Packs. Thank you for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Very good Thanks =)
Nice way of dressing up in Wraeclast. :)
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

Ohhh yeah!!!
OMG this is nice and all, but I was hoping for another PILGRIM HAT of some sort. Please GGG i saved over 200 points for thanksgiving hoping that u guys would give out another Pilgrim Hat that u would able to purchase like the last few thanksgivings.
pay up!
I love you GGG.
Arc of defiance for the last screen, not arc of courage :).

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