We're celebrating Halloween by offering a free Carnage Mystery Box when you spend points in the store. You could look positively disgusting with some Carnage Wings or creep out your friends by brushing past their armour with your Grasping Hands Pet. What better way to to get into the spooky spirit than to adorn yourself with blood and other grisly horrors?

To receive a free Carnage Mystery Box, just spend any amount of points in the microtransaction store. This means you can purchase one Carnage Mystery Box and receive a second one as a bonus gift from us.

This deal is valid only once per account. Secondary purchases will not grant an additional Mystery Box. The official end time is Nov 01, 2016 9:00 PM (EDT) (this is displayed in your local time). Check out the trailer below!

Thank you for the support! We hope your Halloween is filled with fun, mischief and terrifying sounds in your house... late at night when you're all alone. No, really. What was that?
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Grinding Gear Games
nice news as always GGG
IGN :Kriogenic
So I bought something yesterday, figures...edited out a whiny line
~ I miss handshakes, high-fives and hugs.
Last edited by DoubleU on Oct 20, 2016, 7:04:44 PM
It should say buy one get one free
I just bought stuff like 15 mins ago -_-
Woo :D
buy more tabs
good goyim

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