[2.4] Low Life Mjölner Pathfinder Ultimate Tank in Std - Shaper deathless facetanking with videos

09.10.2016 Updated shield, jewel and screenshot section bumped my DPS by 30% more discharge damage
20.10.2016 Updated Shaper Video ~8 mins and (1 death), new Ball Lightning (21/20) damage screenshot unbuffed
19.11.2016 Updated deathless facetank Shaper and new Hydra on hard mods

Introduction (please read first):


Some might know me from my "Mjolner Science" guide series like the Juggernaut EB/MoM/Crit from 2.3: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1714478

and my lvl 100 Inquisitor Mjolner from 2.2: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1646232


The following guide is in standard with legacy flasks and my own interpretation of a Garena Mjölner build which i accidentally stumbled across and did some translation to understand the build and adjust it to my needs. The build you see here is not possible to do in leagues with this level of power because of legacy flasks (maybe even not possible at all in leagues).
Here is the original guide from 2.3 as a witch which was then later used as a pathfinder by some other Garena player: http://forum.gamer.com.tw/C.php?bsn=18966&snA=87706

The Guide Introduction

I love Mjolner builds but after testing my old builds in 2.4 I realized they lacked the power (dps) to do the hardest content in the game there is namely the Shaper (especially after the Juggernaut nerfs in 2.4...). Shaper is basically the biggest DPS check in the game so it requires tons and tons of DPS to do him safely. So i was looking for something new. At first I found a decent low life mjolner build in the duelist subsection which i have tested. The Problem was it still lacked dps by a lot to do shaper or maps with really hard mods therefore i had to move on to Pathfinder.

Pathfinder is a class that enables unique flask builds which can be extremely powerful if used correctly but have a lot higher skillcap for the flaskmanagement as normal non crit builds without flask recharge mechanics. Normally people could use normal legacy flasks with recharge on crit but pathfinder is special the class allows to recharge unique flasks! You could say that the mantra of Pathfinder is "Live by the Flask & Die by the Flask". What you will see in the following guide is by far the strongest Mjölner build i have ever seen and i'm still stunned how no one from US/Europe seemed to know about it - at least i have seen no guides on this forum. If you dont believe me that low life Pathfinder is the strongest class for mjolner check the video section and let the video material speak for itself. This guide should provide a general outline of what is possible (everything) and give a suggestion about the skilltree BUT you dont have to follow this guide like a slave - own ideas and adjustments for optimization to fit the personal playstyle are welcome.

Please note that this Mjolner build is in standard and uses legacy gear (flasks) and therefore requires the most expensive equipment compared to other Mjolner builds. This is not a beginner friendly guide and requires a lot of game knowledge to understand the principles behind it.

It is very important to mention that there are other builds which can down Shaper much easier with a lot less gear investment. One good budget example would be Incinerator budget 100 Chaos build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el918Nmjh2c&feature=youtu.be or Ancestral Warchief: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDR-2wG6idI&feature=youtu.be
The only reason i made or adjusted this build is because of my passion for Mjolner builds in general.

Another important note is: Please do not compare this build with 300 ex dupe bow builds or other mirror gear builds as you can see from my example links provided that shaper can be easily done on ~ 12 ex budget.

That being said we can start with the guide.


+ Best overall Mjolner build (as of patch 2.4)
+ Deathless Facetank Shaper, Uber and any ohter boss or attack in the game
+ Can do all map mods except "no Leech"
+ Most tanky Mjolner build -> can be mapped to 100
+ Best Single Target dmg Mjolner build
+ Can constantly use Movement Skills


- Most expensive Mjolner variation (with legacy items)
- Harder to play because of Flaskmanagement
- Requires minimum lvl 94 to properly work

Baseline Stats:

- 8k ES at lvl 94 in current setup can have 10k ES depending on setup and character level
- 82%/82%/83% max resist all and 25% chance to block unflasked in hideout.
- 91%/91%/92% max resist all and 75%/22% chance to block with Rumi's permanent flask uptime during combat
- 96%/96%/97% max resist all and 75% spellblock with legacy saffels at perma flask uptime and 6.7K ES left. This is absolutley not neccessary therefore i wont use this setup id just like to mention here at this spot.
- Has fortify during combat
- Immune to stun
- Immune to bleed
- Immune to all elemental status alignments during flask effect thanks to the skill "Master Alchemist" (which is all the time during combat)
- 50% Increased Flask effects
- 45% Lightning Damage Instant Leech due to legacy Vessel of Vinktars
- 45% physical damage received is converted to cold damage and then reduced by my cold resists (91%) due to legacy Taste of Hate (perma uptime during combat)
- Gains flaskcharges during combat by critting the enemy
- Has no ressource problems and can use movement skills all the time provided its a map that allows to regen life. -> No Vaalpact. For no regen maps use a life flask = problem solved
No Vaalpact you may ask? You must be crazy! - No Legacy Vinktars does the Job: Leech applies instantly (perma uptime during combat) which allows us to skip Lifeleech gem in Mjolner for Elemental Focus gem
- 2344 Accuracy which translates to 89% chance to hit enemies on your level since there are no lvl 94 enemies the chance to hit is a lot higher
- 5.1 Moltenstrike attacks per second (aps) with 7 projectiles unflasked
- 5.56 Moltenstrike attacks per second (aps) with 10 projectiles flasked (Dying Sun ftw)
- 41,7k Discharge damage with 4 endurance and 4 power charges
- 71.2k Discharge damage with RF which i use against the hardest bosses
- 58,2 % Crit Chance with Discharge at 4 Powercharges
- 365% Crit Multiplier
- Lvl 11 Elemental weakness on hit corruption on gloves
- runs 7 auras - Haste, Purity of Light (PoL), Purity of Fire (PoF), Purity of Ice (PoI), Herald of Thunder which can be swaped for Arctic Armour but not neccessary, Wrath and Discipline
- Extremely safe mapping if you dont go brain afk but watch ur flasks (can facetank any hit in the game)
- Can do all map mods except no leech mod -> take life flask for no regen mods
- Can do Elemental Reflect T16 Maps - see video section
- Shaper facetank - see video section
- All Guardians deathless facetank viable on hardmods as long as not "cannot leech" - see video section
- Uber Atziri viable (cake walk)
- Rigwald in Dark Forest, Overgrown Ruin, Mineral Pools and Sulphur Wastes represent zero problems for this build


Liquor Store:

The Diamond Flask is there for a reason: "Your critical strike chance is lucky" which means that if you not rolled a crit it will try to roll a crit again. This helps a lot to keep up perma flask uptime together with the skill "Master Surgeon".

For the hardest bosses in the game (Shaper and his guardians) replace Rumis or Taste of Hate (depending on which boss) for The Overflowing Chalice:

It doubles your recharge rate during its flaskuptime which comes handy to keep up all flasks all the time during boss fights that take longer.

Important Note for League players:
This build might not work without legacy Vinktars as presented. Without legacy Vinktars you are required to take Vaalpact and therefore have no life regen to sustain your mana costs properly. You can try it with either a life flask or 4x +3 Life gain on Hit Jewels and a second normal vinktars but i cant promise anything

Wanted stats: Global Crit multiplier, Crit Multiplier with Lightning Skills, Spell dmg while holding a shield, spell dmg, energy shield, global crit chance/ spell cirt chance and area damage/attack speed. One Life Gain on hit jewel helps to make the life regenration more consistent.



Shaper is a pure DPS check either your build got the dps then he is easy or the dps is too low and you struggle a lot. This video shows a deathless facetank Shaper kill. Shaperslam = Facetank for this build


Minotaur: facetank deathless enfeeble, temporal chains, 104% fire dmg, 94% cold dmg, physical reflect, crit chance/ multi mod.


18% Reflect Mod T16 Maze of the Minotaur: facetank deathless temporal chains, 18% elemental reflect, 84% extra boss life while standing in the shocking device


Hydra: facetank deathless 60% less Regen, Vulnerability, 4 extra Projectiles, 46% extra monster life in 1:28 min


Phoenix: facetank deathless vulnerability, 94% cold dmg, 43% attack speed, 35% boss dmg, 30% boss attack speed, 60% less regen


Chimera: facetank deathless elemental equilibrium, increased monster life. Note that this is the hardest boss for ES builds in general and requires advanced flask management skills).


Core Malachai Slam Tank:

Another proof of tankiness: Core Malachai Slam with vulnerability, elemental weaknes, 90% extra damage as cold, 35% increased boss damage Tanked while removing immortal call before the fight.


Twinned Dark Forest:


Twinned Overgrown Ruin:


Twinned Mineral Pools:


Twinned Twinned Scriptorium:


Twinned Twinned Sulphur Wastes:


High Garden Boss Facetank:



Discharge dmg 4/4 flasked in hideout:

Discharge dmg 4/4 with Righteous Fire flasked in hideout:

Discharge dmg 4/4/3 with Righteous Fire flasked unrealistic but for the lulz:

Moltenstrike 5.1 APS 7 Projectiles unbuffed in hideout:

Moltenstrike 5.56 APS 10 Projectiles (Dying Sun) flasked no other buffs in hideout:

Defenses unbuffed in hideout:

Defenses with flasks in hideout (max block):

Defense with flasks and legacy Saffels Frame (max spellblock):

lvl 21 Ball Lightning unbuffed, no flasks (auras only) in hideout for easier damage comparision:

Thanks for watching and feel free to ask questions!
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Getting 5 off shavs is too hard :(
Last edited by MFJones on Oct 7, 2016, 10:02:22 PM
MFJones wrote:
Getting 5 off shavs is too hard :(

According to this calculator: https://siveran.github.io/calc.html it takes 3k chromes on average with 1G and 1R Vorici receipt. Personally it took me 6k chromes.
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Nice build guide man! Will definitely use it if I get the itch to play Mjolner again! :D
Abisslayer, the Tank of Blades! - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1751060
Abisswalds, the Flaskman!

good build for people with too much currency!
Hi, I try your build.
i'm already have item and follow passive point
but, my life gain be insufficient

use same your gem and use +3 life gain jewel.
but i cant mapping my life be insufficient
Nice build, too bad it is not possible for most players in league,or with a low end computer :) ...
But seems to be well balanced and tanky... good job...

Still waiting for your KCMB ( Killer Common Man Build)
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kyj2ek wrote:
Hi, I try your build.
i'm already have item and follow passive point
but, my life gain be insufficient

use same your gem and use +3 life gain jewel.
but i cant mapping my life be insufficient

Hello there, to resolve your problem here are the steps.

1. Step: Remove Vaalpact if skilled (Legacy Vinktars does the job)
2. Step: Skill Sanctity in the Templar area for 1% Life regen and avoid no regen maps (reduced regen is fine)
3. Use one +3 Life Gain on Hit Jewel to support your natural 1% Life regen
4. Step: Enjoy gameplay with movement skills
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Why mjolner? its Cospri or BV meta
zDron4eGz wrote:
Why mjolner? its Cospri or BV meta

It is stated in the introduction in short: I simply love playing Mjölner.

Edit: Reminds me on a comment from Mathils regarding Bladevortex players:
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