I just ripped a lvl 85 BF character after dumping a ton of currency into him and am thinking about trying this build now, thing is I only have around 30-40c to my name currently. Will this suffice for someone who just wants to do dried lake and low tier maps until they can build up some currency?
I would just like to post my contribution to this thread


a quick overview of my items/skill gems (not optimized in any way lvl 15-18 gems and not even set up with best possible aura combos <see lots of mana left over in case you cant afford great elreon rings>)

and me clearing a quick decent level map with it on my 90 assassin with only 3 out of 4 labs complete.

I tried the Pcoc in the chest but it was completely a waste and i found that the GGGGBR was the best possible set up IMO.

I do have legacy flasks but im told they were slightly nerfed, If you dont have legacy flasks use the flask belt and CI. I just have high enough ES and Chaos res to run as a hybrid myself.

Theese are my items at this moment. I got level 89 as Trickster so far i think i do good with general mapping etc but i have problems with some rare monsters and map bosses any idea what i can upgrade to get rid of problems or what should i change?

Also as i hit 8k ES is it good time to change for Assasin Ascendancy?

got those two rings and 1ex+ currency to spend for some attackspeed gloves but dunno if its worth to swap from previous ones...
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This build looks really fun and i plan on doing it next. Just a question though, can both trickster/assassin do guardians/shaper/uber atziri IF at all? If so were the fights doable in a reasonable amount of time aka not longer than 5-10 mins per boss fight?

Edit: also why a discharge in voll's when there is already one in cospri's?
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Havent played a Discharge build since LL Mjolner was good. Its my absolute favorite skill tho.

How good is this build for endgame stuff red maps/end game bosses. Currently playing EQ atm, but its stale and boring, so thinking of selling my stuff and start on this.
hi sir, can i ask u one question?
how to win for the shaper? in 2.5 discharge?

i playing Assassian 6L for Cyclone/AA/Inc Crit/Coc/ discharge/ power changer
and have +1 additional Curse Voll's Devotion

open Warlord's Mark + assassin's Mark double mark

but i only have 8KES , but i cant win the shaper

i think so my dmg is not enough? , and so low es

i bring Vessel of Vinktar + Diamond Flask +Kiara's Determination + Quicksilver Flask

is was right?

how can do for win the shaper?

thanks your aswer~
just try breach lord (the lightning lord) and got stun all the time .
didnt try the shaper yet but im glad its still viable. having a lot of fun with it even after the nerf!

Not sure how to link jewels in my tree but they have:
1. 25% multi, 12% area damage
2. 17% multi, 20% spell damage
3. 28% multi, 8% damage
4. 16% multi, 25% spell damage

This is a trickster. Haven't tried core, colosseum, abyss, uber atziri, guardian, or shaper yet. is this gear enough survivability and damage to run them deathless?

My crit multi is at 383%. Are my jewels ok or do i need to get more crit multi instead of damage?

My ES is 10.6k. Also, which helmet is better for single target? It seems like they are even at the moment after the cooldown nerf. i feel like i have enough charge generation since discharge procs every 250ms now. maybe i'll get around to testing it, but im not sure what boss to use as a test subject.

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so my goal for this build is at least attempt to kill guardians and maybe shaper. what gems/gear/flask setups would you alter to allow this? i feel like my current damage is great, but once vinktar runs out i dont last very long. do you just have to keep hopping in portals to fill vinktar? any way to get more leech?

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