[2.4] The Shaman Tank (Aegis/Vortex ci)

Axylxys wrote:
Currently leveling that build in the new league, i found out you're also the one behind the Summon raging inferno build i did in prophecy so, i guess i like your builds overall :D

I can confirm the build works great so far even without the claw and grand spectrums, it's not a top clearer but it's really enjoyable to tank the breaches and basically not care about most mobs. I basically just have the Aegis and some random ES gear, no enlighten or empower either and only a 5L, gonna see how far i can go before i really need more upgrades.

Even at 3K tooltip, the Vortex does a good job at clearing stuff.

I'm also planning on getting a % damage taken gained as mana corrupted ring, as it seems like the best plan to cover the mana issues i'm running into (only 100 mana to use for spells is a bit short).

I have some questions though, as it's not clear for me yet:

-Equilibrium, how does it work exactly for the build setup ? I understand Orb of storms is used to trigger it, but on hitting Vortex it seems it only counts as a fire hit, right ? So orb of storms debuffs cold and fire, then vortex debuffs cold and lightning, so the cold ground effect gets the debuff no matter what ?

-would you advice getting the claw or grand spectrums first ? It doesn't feel the claw is such a big boost over any scepter with % fire and % cold on top of elemental damage, right ?

-also, how does the double dipping on dots work with damage types ? I thought spell dmg was the best one as it's specified on the gem, but it seems % fire and % cold are better ? What about elemental damage ? And does it reflect on tooltip at all or is the dps calculated there completely useless anyway ?

Thanks in advance, and for the awesome builds ! :)

hey mate!

1) equilibrium works pretty much like you said. Lightning damage reduces resists for cold AND fire. Vortex initial hit does fire damage - which can ignite. But because it is fire, it raises the fire resist, but still lowers the cold resist. The DoT second part does cold damage. After hitting with vortex, orb of storms or tempest shield can hit with lightning again and reduce the fire resist, increasing the burn damage from ignite.

2) if you can get 10 grand spectrums, I would get those before the claw. Spell damage is not as usefull because it does NOT increase ignite damage (whereas elemental damage applies to the INITIAL hit, THEN the ignite as well).
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