[2.4] The Shaman Tank (Aegis/Vortex ci)


This build is the Witch (Necromancer) variant of the Anomaly Tank


************** Required item(s) *****************

* 9-12 grand spectrum viridian jewels
* 1-2 reckless defence jewels


This build focuses on achieving max block through the use of bone offering and reckless defence. With a bone offering helm enchant, 75/75 block can be maintained easily. Iron reflexes is used to convert evasion rating into armor (grace aura) to fuel aegis.

Because very few points are wasted on block chance, the rest are used for grand spectrum jewels and ES/regen nodes.

The Scourge is used because it turns minion nodes from the necromancer class into something very useful for a caster. "Increases to minion damage also apply to you", this means that all the minion damage nodes increase the damage of your attacks, spells, and secondary damage.

To put that in perspective, the necro grants 105% passive increased damage to minions. Add 40% when you consume a corpse, and 20% from having 2 auras. That's a total of 165% increased damage.

The claw also summons spirit wolves which synergize with the build. They are affected by any support gems you have in the claw, such as fortify and faster attacks. The wolves can eat hits and are also quite tanky due to bone offering and fortify.

Lastly, Pyre ring is used to convert the initial hit of Vortex into fire damage. This allows vortex to ignite in addition to the secondary cold DOT.

Additional Information

-In comparing with my other build mentioned at the top, this one may fare better on leagues because it does not require any legacy gear to function, yet retains the same defensive mechanics. The armor is roughly the same, block chance can be the same, the main difference is that instead of managing flasks, you manage bone offering.

-This is done two ways. A low level cwdt casts lvl 1 desecrete frequently when hit. A high level cwdt casts a level 20 bone offering.

-Additionally, because of block, and the spectral wolves, the build is not always being hit, so a second setup is used to cast a level 20 descrate and a level 20 bone offering manually. Having both an automatic and manual setup ensure that bone offering is always up and corpses are readily available.

-The build is still somewhat costly, as you need the reckless defense jewels and grand spectrums. However you do not need to use any unique flasks (rumi's is quite expensive on leagues). This means the build can use granite flask of iron skin, to achieve 30k armor - which greatly buffs even a non-legacy aegis.

I am confident the build can even do deathless shaper.

10.5k es
900 regen
15k armor (without flasks)

tooltip vortex DOT with inc aoe and ignite: 16k
tooltip vortex DOT with conc effect and ignite: 25k

Current Gear

Granite flask also highly beneficial

Skill Tree:


https://youtu.be/2TfvG8-RDf4 t13 gorge double boss test

https://youtu.be/lk0zaEBrbmg test run


I will add more to this guide as I progress with it. Feel free to leave questions

-It looks like the best option is to run rainbowstride boots (25% block) and to drop one reckless defense, however I will need at least +6% bone offering helm enchant to make up for the %block on reckless defense.
- This will allow the build to run 12 grand spectrums.

Tried shaper on September 19 - was very smooth until the last phase. The damage was too low (using 9 ele grand spectrums and 1 armour) which made the phase very technical.

My other builds:
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acquired some new belts

now sitting at 15k armor without flasks.
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
tooltip dps for vortex (without any flask buffs)?

I tried your pathfinder variant of this build. It seems pretty good for solo play but kinda lacking for group clearing.
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I'm debating which version I should play, and I know this one is very new and might be hard to tell when fully optimized, but which build would you say is overall tankier (with all non-legacy items), and which build does more damage (again, non legacy). For me Flask management or Bone offering are both not a problem, so what it comes down too is which one is overall better.
@mfjones - the tooltip was damage in town, and its the damage of the cold DOT. initial hit is 6877-10321 fire damage using inc AoE and Chance to Ignite.

@Rusty_Spork - at the end of the day, Anomaly feels stronger, but thats because of legacy vinktar and legacy aegis. Without those 2 legacy items, anomaly still runs much faster and has the 10% pen.

However, my necro has 12 jewels at 96 and i can easily respec to get a 13th. If I use 25% rainbowstrides, I can ditch a reckless defence and gain another grand spectrum.

so if i got the 13th jewel I could have 12 grand spectrums - compared to anomaly which uses 9 (at lvl 93). 12 grand spectrums + the claw + necro skill points adds up to 955% increased damage (not including quality gems). And it summons fun little wolves to take hits and kill trash monsters.

I really cant suggest which one for you to use until I have played this more, but I am really enjoying it.
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Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
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havnt had any problems farming the t16 maps and bosses so far. The bosses do take a lot longer though. Gonna give shaper a go once I get a set
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
Toughts on Occultist for +1 Curse and Explosions? (And some ES regen while mapping)
evilch3n wrote:
Toughts on Occultist for +1 Curse and Explosions? (And some ES regen while mapping)

+1 curses doesnt do anything for the build, its hard to even find a gem slot for 1 curse.

- the chaos explosions really only help a little with trash, which the build handles just fine.

- occultist regen again is only somewhat usefull when killing large quantities of monsters, but useless on bosses.

By using the occultist, you lose bone offering which is the main synergy of the build. To make up for the loss, you would need several additional Reckless Defence jewels - which come at great cost to damage.
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
I want to play this build really bad but it appears that grand spectrum jewels go for like 3ex a piece in standard and they aren't cheap in essence either. Is there a ramp up way to get this character functioning before it has any of those jewels? That seems to be an incredibly limiting factor.

9 jewels in standard is more than a legacy aegis.
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Hey, might try your build in essence! :)

At a side note, if you can slot a level 1 clarity somewhere, that would give 10% damage and 5% cast speed for almost nothing.

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