DreamFeather Spectral Throw - Clearing the game on a budget. Shaper/Uber Atziri Included.

Head on over to twitch.tv/mathil1 for live stream goodness and to have any questions answered that weren't covered here.

DreamFeather is a 1h sword which gives 1% attack damage per 450 evasion. Wearing 2 of these doubles the effect. When going the Pathfinder route and several evasion stacking techniques we hit around 60k evasion with flasks up yielding around 240-250% extra attack damage. All of that attack damage and scaling of projectile damage from the tree serves to give your added chaos damage gem (main source of damage) much larger initial hits to scale poison off of. Swapping Greater Multiple Projectiles for Slower Projectiles gives you much larger single target damage by helping multiply poison scaling.

In the end you have an extremely mobile character with very fast attack speeds, high poison damage, decent life pool and huge evasion. Optimal play will still rely on some skill and a character like this is rarely a faceroll so if that's what you're after, read on!

Discovering the Rave Sabres.

My first Shaper kill on Essence Softcore.

T16 Guardians - Minotaur & Phoenix

T16 Guardians - Chimera & Hydra (Both poison immune)

Uber Atziri and other endgame bosses

Ascendancy Discussion
This build can be played as Pathfinder or Raider and a crit version could be made as Assassin.
The choice I made was Pathfinder and that's because:
- Free poison on flask use from Ascendancy
- Status immunity during flasks allowing more unique flasks & Vinktars
- Some attack/movement speed bonuses
- Additional flask sustain
- Evasion bonuses from using Jade Flask almost permanently

Raider is a decent choice but maintaining Vinktars/Jade would be a lot harder and also making sure Frenzies are up on single target could get messy or annoying so I recommend Pathfinder.

Passive Tree Discussion: 2.4 Pathfinder Passive Tree - 112 points
- Travelling around the tree to get life, flask stuff and projectile damage
- Projectile damage scales both phys and added chaos gem, which is most of our damage
- Flask mana nodes (Arcane Chemistry, Primal Spirit, Druidic Rite) all help with mana sustain by increasing your mana pool and giving you better mana leech. 1 point in Essence Sap cluster gives .4% attack mana leech and is most of your sustain
- Jewel sockets are good so you can get a life/proj damage/attack speed mod jewel typically.
- Acrobatics & Phase Acrobatics get you up to 40% dodge/spell dodge when paired with Atziri boots.
- Point Blank keystone is something I took after hitting a 6L, until then I used the gem and swapped it in whenever it felt best. If using Point Blank always then your most optimal damage will come from up close to a monster.
- Some life nodes still available if you feel you need more. My build currently runs at 169%


Essence Sc Character - NotWorldFirstShaper

Dps Stats

- Spectral Throw in hideout - Grace & on 6L (GMP)
10.2k DPS
- Spectral Throw in hideout - Grace, 6L (GMP), all flasks up (Jade, Atziri, Vinktar)
19k DPS
-Spectral Throw in hideout single target (Slower Proj over GMP) - Grace & 6L
17k DPS
-Spectral Throw in hideout single target (Slower Proj over GMP) - Grace & 6L & all flasks up (Jade, Atziri, Vinktar)
32k DPS

Offensive stats at level 92 with a 6L:

Defensive stats at level 92:

Gear Discussion:

Weapon -
2x DreamFeather - These scale attack damage based on evasion which is where the majority of your chaos damage scaling comes from. To beat these you need some pretty substantial phys weapons with an added chaos roll preferably. Not terribly realistic since Dreamfeathers cost next to nothing comparatively.

Helm -
Rare Evasion Helm or Devoto's Devotion - In the final version of this build I went with a rare evasion helm because I started to use Doedre's Damning ring and wanted to make up the stats somewhere so the Devoto helm had to go. Rare helm has life, evasion, resists and accuracy ideally.

Chest -
Anything high evasion chest you want. Queen of the Forest was my choice. It has very high evasion, good life and some resists. The main selling point is 1% movement speed per 450 evasion which in the long run is a bonus of 100% movement speed. You whirl a lot of the time but having 100% extra movement speed makes running a very viable option for dodging sometimes. Too good to pass up in my opinion.

Boots -
Atziri's Step or Rare Boots - I tried to cap resists elsewhere so I could use Atziri Step because they give lots of evasion, good life, good movement speed and 14-16% spell dodge which when paired with Phase Acrobatics gives you a total of about 45% spell dodge. Almost a 1 in 2 chance to not get hit by a spell is pretty useful for current content.

Gloves -
Rare Gloves - Gripped gloves have a proj damage implicit so they're ideal. Life, attack speed, resists and if you can, phys damage are all ideal on gloves.

Belt -
Rare leather belt - Ideally lots of life from a leather belt and at least 10-20% reduced flask charges used mod. 5-15% increased flask effect duration can be crafted on if you can't get a belt with it already on there. 1 additional resist is good too.

Rings -
Doedre Damning + Rare Ring - A Doedre Damning is recommending so you can fit a second curse into your setup. Vulnerability is your primary curse and Projectile Weakness or Temporal Chains is your 2nd depending on what you want/need.
The rare ring should fill life, resists, Int if needed and have a prefix slot open to craft Added Chaos Damage.

Amulet -
- Rare Amulet - Life, Int, resists if possible and open prefix to craft Added Chaos Damage. Phys damage as a prefix is great too if possible.

Flasks -

Eternal Life Flask - With Pathfinder effects and Profane Chemistry I've really liked using this flask over an instant life flask. It regens a lot and helps you take sustained damage rather than just recovering AFTER taking some big hits.

Jade Flask - Experimenter's of Reflexes is pretty ideal. You NEED % evasion on it (90+) and the duration is good too. This is an extremely large source of your damage.

Atziri's Promise - Gives a bit of extra chaos damage and a large chunk of life leech from your chaos.

Witchfire Brew - This is your Vulnerability blasphemy in a bottle. Saves you a lot of mana reservation and also grants about 100% increased damage over time while it's up thanks to Pathfinder buffs. Does not let you bypass curse limits so to add a 2nd curse you need Doedre's Damning. Also used as a Stibnite flask for defensive purposes.

Vinktar's Vessel - Get lighting damage to attacks if possible, it gives a bit of damage and helps with leech while up.
This flask is very important in your damage in higher content. It shocks everything around you while up which provides an increase of 50% damage to everything you hit. Which then also makes your poison damage tick for 50% more, thus double dipping the chaos/poison damage.


What you're looking for in jewels:
- life %
- projectile damage
- damage
- attack speed with 1 hand weapons
- attack speed while dual wielding
- attack speed with swords

Gems & Links:

6L ideal chest setup - Spectral Throw + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Added Chaos Damage + Void Manipulation + Faster Attacks + Pierce

3L Dreamfeathers - Vaal Haste + Vaal Grace + Increased Duration
Stone Golem + Blood Rage + Slower Proj ( I just leveled it here and swapped GMP over for single target)

Helm - Blasphemy + Proj weakness or Temp Chains + Grace

Boots - Blood Magic + Whirling Blades + Fortify + Faster Attacks

Gloves - Spell Totem + Wither + Faster Casting

Bandits - 40 Life (Oak)--- 8 Attack Speed (Kraityn) --- Frenzy Charge (Kraityn)

Other Notes:

- Single target damage comes from dropping Wither totem and swapping in Slower Projectiles over Greater Multiple Projectiles. Do it whenever you have to even if it's just a tough essence monster because without using Slower Proj your single target damage more or less sucks balls.

- When leveling fill out Ranger damage, go to Duelist proj damage and then start travelling to Assassin. You'll need leveling uniques and try to use phys weapons to essentially level as phys spectral throw with things like Hatred and Added fire gems, etc. A good setup would be ST + LMP + Added Fire + Faster attacks or something like that.

- Ancestral Warchief is an alternate to Wither totem for single target assistance and is recommended while leveling. His links are Warchief + Added Chaos gem + Void Manipulation + Conc effect

- The build won't start to feel amazing until you have everything done right. High level gems (lvl 20 added chaos is important), quality on gems, all the damage on the tree, the right flasks, a Vinktars for higher end content (tier 10+), 5 or 6 link, dual curse, added chaos on jewellery. All of that needs to come together to perform similarly to my character.
A list of all my builds and guides - http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1099189
Twitch.tv/Mathil1 streaming daily
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is this build possible without having to rely on flasks? Just finished playing bv pathfinder and don't really want to manage flasks again
ElJesse wrote:
is this build possible without having to rely on flasks? Just finished playing bv pathfinder and don't really want to manage flasks again

Not being Dreamfeathers is the only way to avoid that. You'd have to build with different weapons and it's likely not worth it as non crit so you'd be looking at an Assassin version.

A list of all my builds and guides - http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1099189
Twitch.tv/Mathil1 streaming daily
What are the unique items you can consult for leveling 30-66 lvl?
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Playing this since the start of the league and heaving a lot of fun. Thx for the build!
ooops...and it's a ranger again
Thoughts on Alpha's Howl for helm instead of the rare as it will give the +2 to grace and temp/proj weakness
How do you manage your mana late game?
What would be some recommended leveling unique weapons?
Any chance you can break down the passives for different levels?

First of all thanks for the build and i really enjoy your stream!

Is it worth it to take the +1 Frenzy Charge nodes? We could more or less easily take 2 or even 3 charges.would lose the point blank keystone for it tho(or jewel/life nodes).
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