[2.4 ESC] MyCat’s Chaotic Bow Blade (LL/CI Tri-Curse Bladefall)


What have you found using the new bow. I just got a Delirium Orb and am deciding whether on not to use it on a bow.
Been playing this build on standard after my all of my essences got merged over. Loving the build so far, been able to play up into high reds with little issue. I've swapped around the tree a little, and I've not been running Herald of Ash, so I was wondering
1) What purpose Herald of Ash serves, and
2) What the Jade Flask you have is for other than phasing.

Obviously HoA is added damage, but it doesn't really scale anywhere, and doesn't proc any ignites either. Jade flask has been useful when running labs (speed-wise), but I haven't really noticed the evasion rating that much in boss fights or general clearing. Wondering your thoughts on it and its worth if you've continued to play the build. Mana sustain has felt pretty terrible without a two-point investment near the Melding wheel, and I absolutely hate having to carry a mana pot. It's fine without in most situations, but reduced/no mana regen maps it can hurt if you whiff a Bladefall or try to offscreen out of Warlord's range.

Thanks for making this build guide! It really has been an incredibly fun build to play, and I'm going to try and continue to min-max it as I get more currency to spend on it.

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