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I'm getting problems today, error message when tryed to Login:

[Error] Error downloading account name, details logged to DebugInfo.log. Please open a ticket at and include your DebugInfo.log

Edit: Fixed!! I simple add the ID again and it works
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Draxinusom wrote:
Both my browser while downloading as well as my OS warned about a trojan (Trojan:Win32/Azden.A!cl via up to date Windows Defender) on the release exe file of procurement. Maybe you want to check this out and also check your system where you built it?

False positives, Procurement is built from source by AppVeyor.
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Trying to log in procurment 1.26.1 and it says
[Error] One or more errors occurred.
Alias and Pass is correct
ljlevend wrote:
I upgraded to Procurement 1.24.1, but I'm still getting:
[Error] The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.

1. Is everybody else still getting this error?
2. Is there any known fix or workaround?

1. Yes, I too was getting this error when I upgraded.
2. One workaround is to use a session id. The following steps worked for me. YMMV.

= Workaround Instructions =

1. Start your web browser and login into:
2. In the top left corner where it says Logged in as, click on your name
3. You will be re-directed to your profile page:


The tail end of the URL, "ALIAS", is what we care about. Copy it when instructed down below.

4. Next, we need to get the session id from the browser cookie. For Chrome:
a) Press F12 (or right-click "Inspect")
b) Click "Application"
c) Expand "Cookies"
d) Copy the value from POESESSID when instructed down below.

For other browsers see:

5. Start Procurement
6. In the "Alias" field copy/paste the ALIAS from the URL above
7. In the Session ID field copy/paste the POESESSID from the cookie above
8. Check: [x] Use SessionID
9. Login

Hope this works for you.


I know this is pretty much a shot in the dark, but is there any way a mobile app version of Procurement could work - specifically for consoles?

Us console plebs don't always have access to PC's. While some lovely members of our small community managed to get Procurement running for PS4, and while started supporting basic forum searchs for PS4 / Xbox, the PS4 procurement would still require a PC to fetch session ID's.

I was wondering that in theory, since the Console character stashes and inventories are now linkable on this website, someone could - again in theory - make a mobile app that could at the very least do a "Update Forum Thread" by using the alias/sessionID..? Perhaps the whole setting up would still need a pc, but once the set up is done - people could update their forum threads with the push of a button on their phones..?

Hell, I'm willing to login via my PS ID details as long as it's a reliable enough app.

Anyway, apologies if this offends any pure-hardcore PC audience.

Kind regards,
A once way too hardcore PoE fan that only has a PS4 for gaming these days
Ikeda_Kouji on Reddit. I gave up on my native Japanese account for PoE because we can't make purchases on Japanese store.

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