Patch 2.4.0c

Version 2.4.0c

General Improvements:
  • The drop rate of Silver Coins has been increased.
  • The drop rate of Cartographer's Sextants has been increased.
  • The Uber Labyrinth map chest can now drop any maps.
  • Maps no longer show that they drop Shaper's Orbs after you've already received the Orb for that map.
  • Zana map missions that are higher level than the regular versions of those maps now drop maps as though they are a random map of that higher tier.
  • The Titan of the Grove boss cannot take damage while emerging now.
  • Rebalanced and fixed problems with the map bosses of the Crematorium, Quay, Plateau and Atoll maps.
  • Killing a monster with five Essences will now grant the achievements for killing a monster with four and fewer Essences.
  • Improved Totem AI when used with Flameblast so that it ends the channel correctly once it has reached max stacks.
  • Added a portal back from the Shaper's arena to the start of the level.
  • Added some more asset preloading to places where it was missing.
  • Improved the audio for the Gore Portal.
  • You can now right-click on party members who aren't in the current instance, to view a context menu.

Bug Fixes:
  • The Essence of Hysteria boots mod now has a level 60 requirement.
  • Fixed a bug where a map completion objective wouldn't be shown as completed if the map is Shaped (but you have completed the objective in the underlying map).
  • Fixed bugs related to various Cartographer's Sextant mods that shouldn't work on specific unique maps.
  • Fixed a bug where Scholar of the Seas and Treasure Hunter divination cards were giving old versions of the Unique Maps.
  • Fixed a bug where the challenge "Fulfil a Prophecy Chain" could not be completed.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Gladiator" achievement could not be completed.
  • Fixed a bug where the boss of the Quay map wasn't unique after its first form.
  • Fixed a bug where "The Feral Lord V" and "Unbreathing Queen V" couldn't be completed when using Atlas versions of the maps.
  • Fixed some prison rooms where Essences could spawn in bad locations.
  • Fixed a bug where the in-game shop would show a points balance of "0" if it was unable to fetch the correct balance.
  • Fixed an issue where the new Atlas base item types were not able to roll certain mods.
  • Fixed a bug where the Architect boss teleport behaviour could fail when the map is twinned.
  • Fixed an issue with Voidheart's Chance to Poison on Melee Hit always applying poison. This will fix all Voidhearts acquired since 2.4.0 was released.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for Shaper's Orbs to be allocated to players.
  • Fixed a bug that could allow extra maps to be Shaped. The few people with too many Shaped maps will have them undone.
  • Fixed a bug where the curse aura granted by Witchfire Brew was not able to be applied to users that are immune to curses.
  • Fixed a bug where Divination Cards from the Putrid Cloister map boss were not allocated correctly.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when changing skills while dancing.
  • Fixed problems with the Factory map.
  • Fixed a bug where the Energy Locus summoned by Essence of Woe could be hit by skills such as Arc.
  • Fixed a bug where certain doodads could appear on the stairs in the Lunaris Temple.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking a stash tab on the dropdown menu could pick up an item from your inventory behind it.
  • Fixed a bug where the Phantasmagoria boss fight would attempt to play all of the curse effects that have occurred so far when you join the area, disconnecting you.
  • Fixed a bug where the Vinktar Square recipe's outcomes were not random.
  • Fixed a bug where the Noxious Strike Ascendancy Skill worked with spells also.
  • Fixed a bug where the minions in the Titan of the Grove boss fight could be deleted.
  • Fixed two rare instance crashes.
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Nice patch
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The Essence of Hysteria boots mod now has a level 60 requirement.

Level 60?! o.O Like wut.... c'mon now. This is way too high.

Also RIP Voidhearts - "This is a nerf!" D:
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I think that's fairly accurate. :')
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oh mai
Some nice changes, thanks
Nice to see these changes
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