Item Filter and Skill Tree Information for Atlas of Worlds

underground riots
"Unshaping Orb" I LIKE IT
I would like to believe the time it took to give Underground Sea and River the more fitting name switch was a choice to wait rather than GGG ignoring people always joking about it for years...
"It's all clearer now
And I hear her now
And I'm nearer to
The Salvation Code"
Wonderful, time to get to updating.

Edit: Unshaping Orb? REALLY? Not "Shaper's Seal" to fit with Cartographer's Seal? >___<
*You call into the void. You hear a sound in the distance.*
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Neversink is love, Neversink is life. Bring on the Atlas.
I just want to know what's with the silly map name changes.

Maze->Conservatory->Maze made me laugh.
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sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.
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This had to launch labor day weekend? I'll be on vacation.
Fuuzy wrote:
Hey, thats pretty good

So Conservatory is going back to Maze now. And why sea and river names got swapped?
Are you guys just changing names for fun?
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Can you change Flameblast back to the way it was before 2.4, thank you.

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