[FERRUM] Iron Heights - Small, friendly guild looking to add new players!

(Every other guild has a super cool edgy banner so here's mine)


I'm the last man standing in an old guild that I started with friends a few years back. "Iron Heights" comes from the prison of the same name from DC Comics. Tag is currently "FERRUM", the Latin root of Iron.

No application requirements! This is a guild with minimal rules. I hope to fill it with as many friendly players as possible, and get of the need for rules in the first place. To that end, I reserve the right to kick anyone that causes any problems or drama.

I believe in "Giving more than you take" and I hope to find a bunch of other players that share the same philosophy.

We will most likely have an emphasis on new SC leagues, but this is just my own observation on what most of my current guild members like to play. This is in no way a requirement for joining. I personally plan to try out a character or two in Essence HC.

Most of us are based in NA, but this is in no way another requirement. I personally have had zero issues partying with people from other servers, so it is up to you. English only, please. English as a 2nd/3rd/etc language are still very much welcome!

New and experienced players alike are welcome! I hope to build up the guild in preparation for the Atlas of Worlds expansion. As of AoW, everyone is new to each other, so don't be intimidated to ask to join! Message me here or in game if you are interested!
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September 1st, 2016 Update:

Over the course of the last two days, my microscopic guild of 3 friends grew about 26 players. I'm very happy to say that the general mood is much better than I anticipated, considering we are all new to each other.We still have plenty of open spots, so please message me here or in game if you would like to play with a fairly casual, very active, and VERY friendly group of people.

So far we have about 4 VERY new players (Ranging from 1 week to less than 1 month experience) and I'm happy to say that the guild has been very helpful and supportive. So, please don't be indimidated if you are a new player and are looking for a friendly guild.

In addition we even have some members that have been around since open beta. Experienced players are more than welcome as well.

Thanks to everyone that joined, I'm very much looking forward to the Atlas of Worlds expansion! :)
Hey there, not rly sure if I should post in here or PM but I'll just go ahead and ask if I could join your guild.
Compared to most ppl I'm more of a casual but have been arround since the beta :P
I'm a softcore scrub & I'm going to play in the new league.
Hit me up if you want to know anything else!
Hello, I am a long time player looking for a guild and to meet new people. I believe my profile isn't private so feel free to look through my characters/gear etc or just PM me if there's anything you would want to know. Often easier to just get me in game.

I only play Softcore/Standard League and I will be playing this new temp league. I play a lot of attack builds and love spectral throw and its low life varients, however i will be playing a summoner or two this temp league as a change of pace.

I used to farm atziri and uber atziri quite a bit, but anymore i just enjoy higher tier mapping and I will be trying to reach level 100 this league. The highest I have bothered to grind in the past is 98, which honestly wasn't that bad just a time sink :P.

Look forward to hearing from you, I do have a mic and all that as well if you guys are into that.
hello, i'm a returning player hoping to really get into the game again with the new expansion, and hopefully with some chill people this time. it's been quite a while, but i played about a thousand hours back in some of the older leagues. just started the first character of the league and will probably level by myself for the next day or two, but i'd like to join for chat and mapping or whatever else in the endgame if you are still looking for people.

IGN: Girthnado
September 28th, 2016 Update:

Tala Moana! We're a few weeks into AoW now, and wanted to post a couple updates for posterity.

Right now we're at 32/45 capacity as far as members, after I've had to kick a couple inactive members. I hate having to go back on my "this guild has no rules" rule, but I only have so many resources for guild spots available, and quite frankly, the general mood has much more quiet than I had hoped.

With that in mind, we still have open spots available for new and experienced players alike.

I'm hoping to liven up the atmosphere a bit, so please message me here or in game if you are consider yourself to be a fairly active, (and more importantly) a very social player.

Besides that, I'm very proud of our current guild when it comes to generosity and overall friendliness. I think it says alot about the PoE community when a random collection of players can be so tight-knit and ready to help each other out, no questions asked.

At the end of the day, I think the "quiet atmosphere" problem is easily solvable, and I'm more than likely exaggerating how bad it actually is. Please consider joining if you are looking for a great group of players that are super welcoming and ready to help you out whenever you need it. I think it's fair to say that this is one of the more friendly guilds out there, especially considering that none of us knew each other as of a few weeks ago.

In other news we now have a permanent Discord server. The link can be found in the guild description after joining.
IGN: CookieSpirit
Game experience: I am coming back after two years and wanting to get into the game again. I played quite a bit back then.
Reason for wanting to join: When I came back my current guild was inactive. I would like to meet new people, play with active players, help new players, get help from more experienced players and with recent changes to the game.

I am looking forward to playing with you.
Looking for a nice, casual, fun bunch of people to hang out with. I'm 53yo, disabled amputee. I play often, Essence and Standard(whichever I'm iin the mood for). Been playing off/on for a couple of years now.

IGN: Lord_Flatulence, or Pus_Laden_Drainage
looking to join, pm please thanks. :p
North America, Favorite food Chicken and Pineapple pizza, favorite color orange
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As of this Reply, I should have gotten back to anyone that has commented or sent me a PM.

If for whatever reason you haven't heard from me yet, please send me a PM if you are still interested in joining. Sorry for letting you slip through the cracks, I've had some IRL trouble come up recently and I am a little disorganized.

Thank you! :)

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