The Essence League Challenges and Rewards

Have done the 36 Challenges today @ EHC and all MTX Skins looks very nice! :)
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xgatsuux wrote:
Just got the footprints. They look nice.

I think i'll try aiming for the back effect and quit there. There's no way i have enough free time for the portal. Maybe though.

Its not about time, its about the money. You can buy almost every challange (the one with Echo Shrine one and all essence will be hard)

Sorry if this has been said, but when does the league end? I am having a lot of fun and hoping I can complete a lot of challenges. I seem to recall it being 3 months long, but i couldn't find confirmation. Thank you!
Essence leagues
Main page: Essence league
The Essence leagues are the ongoing challenge leagues. They started on September 2, 2016 along with the release of Atlas of Worlds and will last three months.

In these leagues, players can obtain essences from trapped monsters. These essences are currency items which can be used to craft various kinds of equipment.

straight from the wiki ;-)
Almost to 24, I am bad at counting so, gotta keep working on it.
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Wiki says: "At the end of the event, characters and their stashed items will be moved to the parent league......"

Does this include stashed essences or are they deleted?

Advice appreciated.

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