[2.5] Satan Slayer EQ MFinder, multipurpose/ Can get more 470iir/80iiq & can have more 120K dps!




Hi guys this time ill present this new MF melee build I created. I Wish people love this new type of melee magic finder, like I really love this build, anthing you need you can pm always to @EmperorSatan

Ok lets start with the build:

Why I pick Slayer ascendancy, well why not?

Bane of legends: you can cull at 20%, and gives you onslaught for 20 seconds, when you cull a rare or unique monster.

Headsman: Less reflect and more damage with more area of skill.

Endless Hunger: still leeching life at full life

Brutal fervour: will give you a constan life leech, and you dont need to put attention to bleeding.

Normal: +40 Life (or skill point)
Cruel: +1 Skill Point
Merciless: +1 Endurance charge

This are the gear and gems I use:



What are the ideal stats on the helm for the build, ideal are high IIR, elemental resistance, life, and high armor. I preffer less EQ duration, but i got the enchant to more buff to molten shell, are good but no the ideal enchant for the build.

GEMS: Cast when damage taken Level 2/Inmortal Call Level 4, Great multipler of projectiles 20/20/Artic breath 20/5.

Why I choose that combination of gems, well I tried other combinations and for me the combo freeze plus inmortal call, since you are melee are the best to support damage, for the CWDT gem, u can rise more the level of inmortal call if you want to get your endurance charges more time with you.

This are the armor for full mfer iir/iiq, yes greeds are a shit armor (lol), 20% lees speed, bad armor value, but for a mfer are ideal (are 15/50, max roll ofc).

GEMS: Earthquake gem 20/20//Multistrike 20/20// Melee Physical 20/20// Added fire damage 20/20// Less duration 20/20// and Item rarity gem 20/20 (you can replace iir gem for concentrated effect gem, for much more damage.

Why I chosee EQ as main skill, because are a good defensive and offsenive skill, with a good afetershock that boost your damage 80%, I manage this skill like ice crash, but ice crash reduce your damage on area of skill, EQ boost your are of skill, why I pick multistrike? because our build are bassed on leech, and are really good believe me, only try to reduce the aftershock, and ofc I choose iir gem, because this build are for magic finding, but ofc you can replace always for concentrated or increased effect.

For leveling I use first a
I use a 6l regular armor, before i get a 6l coil or greeds, are ideal if it have high armor, life and resistances.

And for high tier maps (13 to 15 or uber lab runs), I switch my armor to Lightning Coil, and if u need more dps u can swith to concentrate area of effect gem, replacing iir gem, if u dont need much iiq iir gear.

Gloves: I use Aurseize because gives you a nice iir with ele resist, ideal are to have a good corruption like vulnerability on hit, that gives you a 22% more physical damage, against cursed enemies, or something more defensive like temporal chains, for me works better vulnerability on hit, for EQ builds.

If you dont have a good corruption gloves, try to get Aurseize with good defensive enchants like SPITE on hit, or Fury gloves

GEMS: I use here our movement skill, ofc you can put on helmet or boots this combinations of gems, I use Leap Slam 20/20// Faster attacks// Fortify 20/20// Endurance charge on melee stun 20/20

Leap slam are a good movement ability, every fight you start are ideal that you use leap slam, fortify are ideal to support damage, and endurance on melee stun will rise your defence and attack.

I choose goldwyrm because are good for this mf build, 20% more iiq and more speed, and nice fire res. The enchant I got are 10% dodge if your receive a critical strike, ideal are 16% more attack speed if you kill recently

GEMS: Arctic armour 20/20//Hatred 20/20//Blind support 20/20// Vengance 20/20-- Arctic armour gives you a solid 12% less damge and Hatred 36% more damage as cold, probably u can use determination aura, but for me the ideal are hatred. Blind and vengance I use as a counter attack with a possibility to blind enemies, are good for a big group of enemies, you leech some life, but i need to evaluate if out there are a better combination(want to evaluate level 4 enlighten with heral of ash).

Weapon: Ideal are to have high pdps (400+ pdps, other stats are good too, like resistance or other stats. I choose 2 hand mace because have a nice pdps and nice stun capacity, and are ideal for eq, need to see the build with atziri disfavour axe, but need to change tree too.

GEMS: 5L (Molten shell 20/20// Icreased duration 20/20// Blood Rage// Vaal grace 20/20// Enduring cry 20/20 ***you can use rallyng cry for mana regen and more damage, if you are not interested to use divination distillate)

Explanation: Molten shell are a good mitigation and armour boost for the build, blood rage will rise your attack speed and gives you frenzy charges on kill, vaal grace more defensive stats, enduryng cry some endurance charges, that will rise your ele resistance, damage, and damage reduction. Increased duration will rise the time of all the gems.
If you are on party, since you cull at 20% you can use this weapon for culling, and gives you 40 iir too.

Belt: ok this belt are our winner, give 20-30 to all atributtes, that are a lot for our build, with some iiq, ideal if u can get a belt with +1 endurance charge.

Rings: ok i know are kinda hard to get cheap good ventors, ideal to get on ventors are of high iir iiq values, with nice resistances. If u cant get a good ventors try to get a good gold ring, with good iir/life/ele res/if u get more armour or phys damage are good too.

Ammy: Correct base gold amulet, here are good to get Life, nice iir (50 total or +), physical damage, and if are possible ele res, and life leech.

If u dont need iir iiq for a hard boss, or have problems with regen of mana.


Ok flasks are the base of this build, this items will mitigate damage and boost your damage.

Why i choose this flasks:
★Basalt flask: Chemists will give your on 21 charges reduced 2 uses, and increse armour, 20% mitigation, are more mitigation that taste of hate gives.

★Rumis concotion: nice armour boost, with nice chance to block and evade.

★Divination distillate: will be the suplier of mana of the build, remeber you need to consume mana to get the effect of the divination distillate, a nice mfer boost to our build. Plus the max res are really good.

★Lion´s roar: nice damage boost, with a good defensive action, the knockback during flask effect will defend your char, taken aways big amount of monsters, and gives you +3000 armour are really nice.

★Taste of hate: are expensive I know, but are a good mitigation for the build, and give us a good boost to our damage.

Before u have nice leech life or all other flask i recommed to have something like this, you can replace rumis for this.
If you are on full damage gear, you can replace divination distillate for this.

How to use this build: well this build are based on leeching life, and flasks. Use both auras, arctic armour and hatred, remember to activate each time you will face a group of monters your molten shell, will give you nice armour, then activate blood rage, will rise your attack speed. When you attack need to use leap slam to enter to any encounter, that will activate fortify, are a godly defensive skill, and will give you endurance charge. Then use enduring cry to get more enduring charges (more resistance and melee damage).

Attack mobs with your EQ skill, if you are with boss activate your ancestral protector, will boost your attack speed. And manage your flasks good (are the base of the build), after you see you consumed some mana use your divination distillate to cull mobs.


https://youtu.be/_W0nQW9-zWA On this video I run Colesseoum map, I died at boss 4 times (LOL), before i killed him, because i was on full mf gear, and i didtn managed on a good way my flasks and yes was my first time.

Skill tree of the build

New skill tree with more life, are semi full mf, but u are faster cleaner, and resitant, i took aways greeds, that yes are cancer

Passive skill tree build

Pros of the build:

★Nice item rarity and item quantity

★Nice damage and clean speed

★Scalable gear

★You can change the gear for different situations

★Have a nice defense, while flasks active

★Fast to level up (go to /global 820, save every GORGE or platau map, and prepare to level up fast, or you can level up on dry lakes fast)

★Can do reflect mobs (litle groups) safe

★Are a fun build

Cons of the build:

☹Expensive gear at the end of the build

☹Reflect on big group of mobs are cancer for you

☹Are a shit if you dont know to manage your flasks on a good way, you need to practice how to manage them

☹I have problems on village ruin boss, and tier 15 bosses to manage on full mfer build, if you change your gear are easy to manage them

☹You will have big problems on maps with 60% or no mana regen.

☹Blood magic are problem too.

Build still good on 2.4....Only need to take care to get some mana regen to compensate the increase on EQ mana cost.

****If you have a suggestion pm to @MrEmperorSatan or write me here THX!!.

2.5 gear im using atm

I change this things for non mf gear, more damge:

and I use Concentrated effect, i want to evaluate sun flask too.
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