Results from map farming! 2 ( currency drops and some other stuff ) ( 100 maps so far )

Hey guys! I already made such a thread earlier this year and it seems that some people where interested in it ... so ... i've decided to make yet another one!

So i've been doing some tier 1-6 alched map grinding with some IIR/IIQ (204%%/121% +8% IIQ from the Zana map device) for quite some time now ( because i really have very little free time lately )
I've decided to keep track of the drops, mostly because it keeps me focused and makes the activity a bit more fun for me. Like i said, some people where interested in the results in my previous similar thread so yeah ... have another one!

I farmed 1-6 tier maps to maximize the clear speed. All maps were just alched then cleared, no rerolls, no chisels. I know that that way each map had different amounts of extra iir/iiq but what i wanted to see was what i'll earn by casually farming while spending minimal resources. Unlike the last time now i haven't picked random rare items due to the nature of the build that i'm using ( flicker strike ... the backtracking would've been a nightmare )

So far I've cleared 100 maps ( tier 1 to 6 ), yes i know that it isn't a big sample ( which especially matters when it comes to rare drops like exalts and divines ) but i'll update the results constantly ( when i do farm with the same character of course ). The results:

Orb drops:
It took me 4 hours and 49 minutes to clear 100 maps
I've found 92 Unique items ( of which only that actually worth something )
I've found 82 Orbs of Alteration
I've found 83 Chromatic Orbs
I've found 74 Jeweler's Orbs
I've found 81 Orbs of Chance
I've found 43 Cartographer's Chisels
I've found 49 Orbs of Fusing
I've found 41 Orbs of Alchemy but i've spent 100 to roll the maps so you can say that i've lost 59 alchemy orbs in the process
I've found 25 Orbs of Scouring
I've found 7 Blessed Orbs
I've found 26 Chaos Orbs
I've found 15 Orbs of Regret
I've found 11 Vaal Orbs
I've found 7 Regal Orbs
I've found 2 Gemcutter's Prisms
I've found 1 Divine Orbs
I've found 1 Exalted Orbs
I've found 0 Mirrors of Kalandra

I've acquired 116 Chaos Orbs
I've acquired 434 Jeweler's Orbs
I've acquired 6 Gemcutter's Prisms

The total value of the acquired currency equals to around 6.03 exalts ( based on the ratios from 24.07.2016 )
The average exalt value of the looted orbs per 100 runs is 6.03 ex
The average exalt value of the looted orbs per hour is 1.34

Top 5 contributors of wealth:
1. Chaos orb recipe with 0.35 ex per hour
2. Exalted orbs with 0.22 ex per hour (this will probably change with a bigger sample size)
3. Jeweler orb recipe with 0.18 ex per hour
5. Orbs of Fusing and Chaos Orbs both with 0.08 ex per hour

Average currency drops per map ( from most to least dropped ):
Chromatic orbs - 0.84 drops per map
Orbs of Alteration - 0.82 drops per map
Orbs of Chance - 0.81 drops per map
Jeweler's Orbs - 0.75 drops per map
Orbs of Fusing - 0.49 drops per map
Cartographer's Chisels - 0.43 drops per map
Orbs of Alchemy - 0.41 drops per map
Chaos Orbs - 0.25 drops per map
Orbs of Scouring - 0.25 drops per map
Orbs of Regret - 0.15 drops per map
Vaal Orbs - 0.11 drops per map
Blessed Orbs - 0.07 drops per map
Regal Orbs - 0.07 drops per map
Gemcutter's Prisms - 0.02 drops per map
Divine Orbs - 0.01 drops per map
Exalted Orbs - 0.01 drops per map
Mirrors of Kalandra - 0.00 drops per map

And average currency from recipes per map:
Jeweler's Orbs - 4.38 acquired per map
Chaos orbs - 1.17 acquired per map
Gemcutter's Prisms - 0.02 acquired per map

Other stuff:
Map drops : 226
Most uniques in a single map : 7
Arcanist Strongboxes encountered : 4
Cartographer Strongboxes encountered : 1
Unique Strongboxes encountered :
Unique maps found : 6
Trials encountered : 9

For more details and some extra numbers as well as drops from each map you could check the spreadsheet here :

Reddit thread:

I might update the thread every say ... 50 maps ( if there is an interest ) though i will update the spreadsheet whenever i farm because as i said ... it actually helps me.

So yeah ... pretty much that's it ... have a nice day, good luck and happy grinding!
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I've messed up the spreadsheet link ... should be fine now !
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
This does not count mirrors that droped offscreen Kappa
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What build were you mfing with?
KorgothBG wrote:

5. Orbs of Fusing and Chaos Orbs both with 0.8 ex per hour

you might wan't to change that to 0.08
nice stats, you spent an average of 2min 53 seconds per map.
Thanks for the data!

I'm not nearly as quick on average myself, but your numbers definitely reinforce my love for flicker clearing maps and just focusing on stopping to grab jewelry+currency+uniques to maximize my earnings per hour based on what gear I have to work with.
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Very interesting. Thank you for sharing!
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nice info i like your posts about this.
interesting stuff
wow, i never do chaos recipe, only alts>
and link your gear and tree pls just for try for see and for know
my english sux.

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