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In this last few months we've been working on collecting our concept art from past, present and future expansions to work into a complete Path of Exile Art book. We're excited to once again be working alongside Dynamite Entertainment who were involved with releasing our Path of Exile Graphic Novel. We have a teaser of some of the content that you can expect to see in the book when it's released early next year!
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Just to clarify, this book has a lot of concept art from Act Five, because both the book and Act Five (3.0.0) are coming out next year. We have some completely different but equally exciting stuff planned for 2.4.0 in September this year!
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Hype 1st boy!

I was thinking about the concept of act 5 for endgame.

Could release act 5 in 3.0 drop 1 difficulty to make a harder than merciless difficulty.

Normal 1-50
Merciless 50-70
Maps 65-100
Fearless 85-100 (At level 85 Fearless difficulty is unlocked)

Tons of ideas i'm to lazy to type them out...but you get the idea fearless difficulty would make story mode fun and super hard with a release of tons of new itemlevel items and opop unique items only top players can farm.

When i graduate college this year please hire me GGG!
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Act 5 Hype!
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looks so good :D
that statue is an abomination
That statue is creepy

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