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nice for beginners.
xaitv wrote:
I feel like for Shadow in the act 3 alt. start you still don't use a lot of AoE skills(maybe flameblast for bosses or something, but that's a rare occurrence). Can recommend a tree like this or this instead(but if some other Shadow racer can do even better, please improve on this).

I would say that for shadow the best leveling experience is just using blight --> contagion --> essence drain when you get them. Use the viperstrike you get when starting on a blue wand or sceptre (scepters elemental damage scales the burning ground of firetrap wheres a wand doesnt) to get a easy +1 chaos gems. Preferable with B-B-G Sockets or atleast B-G so you can add in Void Manipulation. That takes you easy to the middle of Act 4 (killed kaom and daresso) in under 2 hours.

Haven't played it past that point but there it should remain strong all the way and iv'e seen multiple guides recommending it for mapping and end game aswell. A super smooth leveling experience.

I would use a tree like this

Sometimes if a get a G-G-B wand before merveil and essence drain i throw in trap there aswell for some free scaling of contagion.
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