<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

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IGN: Polvss
Age: 20
Game experience: just over 3 years playing the game
Reason for wanting to join: i was on a guild for the past 3 years but it has slowly died.
Any additional information/comments : Not missed a single league launch since breach.
IGN: Emanresu12
Game experience: seriously playing since Abyss and haven't missed a league since, been hitting red maps and Guardians since Incursion
Reason for wanting to join: spicing up in-game time with chatter, especially toward the mid to end of leagues
Any additional information/comments : I'm not into Discord, but would definitely be around on in-game chat. Play time is somewhat light: 1-2 hrs on weeknights, 2-3 hrs on weekends.
IGN: AtheistForJesus
Age: 27
Game experience: 1 year in POE.
Reason for wanting to join:
I'd like to join a guild for the social aspect, I usually have lots of stuff that fills my stash that I'm eager to give to new players, and sometimes I carry others through Uber Lab runs.
Any additional information/comments : I'm quite active.

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