[2.6][HC-SC]CHAMPION inexpensive Cyclone.League starter build.Uberlab farmer

Hello there.

Any comments/critics/suggestions no matter good or bad will be appreciated.

MY IGN @YourHope . My twitch twitch.tv/inwardheel8,probably gonna stream one day.

2.6 Changes :

1.As calculations showing - melee struggles this patch with AoE,it also relates to Cyclone
2.Melee weapons now have more base flat damage ,but in same time Implicit got cutted a little.I think it way better to have more damage even tho with less crit multi since purpose of this build is not relying on crit.

2.5 Changes :
Dat weapon range for rapiers.Definetely viable,now way better even that was before.

2.4 Changes :
No direct changes to related gems/skills/ascendancy,however Jugger/voidhearth/EQ nerfs make my build more attractive

Softcore adjustments

If you decided to play SC league ,i would recommend use
Abyssus for huge extra damage BUT carefull about one shots vs Phys damage bosses

Carcass Jack for increased AOE and resists

I wanna share my own (idk, maybe someone doing the same)build.
This build will make good effort as league starter build.
First of all i wanna say that this build very beginner-friendy and very cheap in comparing to simular meta builds ,even if you playing on HC.
Also you can tryout it even if you playing first time.

This build is based on highspeed clear maps+doing uberlabs.
I tested farming T12-T13 its easy anyway even with hard bosses like Village Ruin/Crematorium/Wasteland(in 2.3).
Done more then 50+ uber labs,and carrys.

Demostration Uber Labyrinth Izaro 3rd stage :

Uber Labyrinth Izaro 3rd stage Fully buffed(sorry for inward music i used to play with it)

Uber Labyrinth Speed :

This build is very budget friendly,cause it not required any specific item at All!
But better desirable to get high quality gear in late game to increase speed clear +survivability.
By the way i must say that this build not require voidheart ring(i tested ,with this amount of damage u not need to have damage over time cause you killing mobs just in one-two shot)better get high roll life+res+add phys ring for my opinion .

Pros /Cons

1.Very Tanky
2.Speed clear is insane in late game
3.0 chance to die in uber lab after lvl 80,huge reductions vs Izaro,very fast whir.blades vs traps.
4.U can gear up step by step
5.0 required items
6.HC recommended
1.Leveling not so fast,but not slow
2.If you play HC better get Lightning Coil,but you can use Belly that cheaper a lot
3.Its Phys build with crits ,but not crit based.
4.Sustain mana in low leveling can be hard ,but it is a minor issue and also u can use elreon rings till lvl 55+

Why i choose CHAMPION over Gladiatior while Dual-wielding:

1.Champion 2.3 rework provide more damage then Gladiator
2.Obviously he provides more defences Armour+evasion(Iron Reflexes so Armour)
3.Since i designed this build for Red maps +Uber labs i wanted to have Fortify,cause it provides 20%less damage taken from attacks(Izaro skills=attacks),when Gladiator provides us only chance to block that not proc always,even not in half times ,approx.30-35% to block,with rumi 60+ BUT not more then 75%,so i decide to better recieve allways 20 less dmg then rely on block chance.
And anyway we have some of block chance.

But for me block chance its like Evasion and Fortify its like Armour if you understand what i mean.
When you play on hardcore you better know how damage you gonna take then rely on your block chance and Rumi charges.
ALso champion grant us 2 lines after Merciless Izaro that VERRRYY underrated for my opinion

Elemental Status Ailments are removed when you reach Low Life
Your Hits permanently Intimidate Enemies that are on Full Life

Only 1 decent advantage of Gladiator over Champion is chance to generate charges (Frenz and Endurance).

Why i choose CYCLONE over other skills:

1.You cant be stunned while using Cyclone,that means we can block without cool-down(Poe Wiki and self tested info);
2.You not need to stop your hero,so clearspeed way increasing;
3.Its way fun that boring EQ spamming;
4.You not forced (since you cant) use Multistrike,that allows to dodge boss skills without delay.

Bandits and Ascendancy:
Cruel:Oak but Kraitin is option too;


1.Unstoppable Hero;When you grab it temporary use gem fortify in cyclone,till you get 2nd ascendancy
3.First to Strike, Last to Fall;

Skill trees(29 points,82 points,Full tree)


Buy Goldrim+ 2BlackHeart ring +The Goddess Bound and farm with cleave till ACT3 Quest that gives Cyclone

ALSO u can buy this swords to simplify your leveling Aurumvorax (level 17);Chitus' Needle (level 30);Daresso's Passion (level 43)

SO gear we want to have in late game :
Helmet - 80-99 life roll;2-3resist rolls
Gloves - min 50life roll;attackspeed;added phys ;and desirable 2 or atleast 1 resist
Boots - high life roll ;high MS roll;2Decent res.
Belt - Life 100+roll ;200+armour ;resists
Chest - Youcan use some uniques(Lightning Coil;Belly of the beast or 2 new that seems good Kintsugi;Bronn's Lithe ) or u can use good rare chest -life roll 100+;armour +evasion =750+;2 good resists
Rings - Life;resists;addded phys.Also u can use Diamond rings or elreon rings to sustain mana pool
Amulet - Stats(intelligence);life;resists
Then we need decent rare pDPS Thrusting swords
Weapon - High pDps roll;High AS;High crit chance in order.I recommend implicit +50 GlCritmod
Jewels - Increased maximum life(better 6-7);Phys damage with swords;AS with swords>Also u can take melee dmg,area damage,damage while dualwielding,incr Crit chance,accuracy.
Jewels very important cause we use 3 jewels so try to get high life roll+sworddmg/AS.
My jewel setup in order of impact:

Prophecy 2.3 My stats lvl 90 in town(press right click and open image in new tab)



Gem setup

CYCLONE (in order or importance):

ANESTRAL PROTECTOR(it doing a big job against bosses like extra dps/culling strike/little taunting anyway):

WHIR.BLADES(Despite all mobility and movespeed we using it):



and also i use Ice golem and Riposte trigger

All current gem setup you can see in my gear

My gear lvl 92 Prophecy HC (what i got so far)

My flask setup

If you havent enough currency to afford Taste of Hate,u can easily take Basalt Flask

I will extend this build as much as you want if it will recieve any interest
If you have any questions about the build, ask me here or PM me in game and I will do my best to answer them.
Also i got another starter build as Juggernaut Cleave 2H axe:

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which ascendancy keystone should i get first?
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which ascendancy keystone should i get first?

1.Unstoppable Hero;when you grab it temporary use gem fortify in cyclone,till you get 2nd ascendancy
3.First to Strike, Last to Fall;
Also added this in guide.
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Sounds pretty straight foward for build, Did runs with you and lokked pretty smooth and was faster than with a EQ build runner IMO.
Will try as first lab runner for sure since i find EQ pretty boring!!
how you come you didn't take the fortify wheel, seems like it would be just a permanent buff from the ascendancy.
how did u get ur rapier stats?
how did u get ur rapier stats?

I bought them on poe.trade,just filtering +270pDPS+AS or Crit chance
how you come you didn't take the fortify wheel, seems like it would be just a permanent buff from the ascendancy.

Yea,its permanent after cruel Lab
inwardheel8 wrote:
how you come you didn't take the fortify wheel, seems like it would be just a permanent buff from the ascendancy.

Yea,its permanent after cruel Lab

i think what he wanted to say was
: the fortify wheel in the passive tree should be a permanent buff to the build since we got permanent fortify.

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