[WLDERS] Wastelanders -DELVE | 6MONTH LEEWAY | SOCIAL GUILD | Since 2016

Hi everyone,

Now recruiting members for Delve league! Contact Golem_Mech or PM me here on ingame to apply.

This is an exclusive, limited slot guild that is designed for flexibility. The main purpose is to accommodate all players, including those who play at irregular times, have weeks/periods where they may be playing a lot and then not so much, as well as catering to those who play often but no longer wish to play alone.

We have recently changed our policy to being active within 6 months before being removed for inactivity to balance the demand of an actively growing community and our existing members. We have been here since Prophecy league and believe everyone deserves a chance and time to be part of a community even if they miss a few leagues.

People have real life commitments, jobs, situations that are beyond their control. Here is where this guild understands and will meet that need.

The idea is to have a guild where even if you log in after a while you will still be able to get right back into the action (before we changed our policy, we have had existing members who logged in after being inactive since 2016 who came back just 2 weeks before Incursion league 2018)

We have a discord with a bot that will give you information on items directly from the Wiki page so you can use it for quick reference.

Why this guild works:
- Officers are promoted based on loyalty and time spent in guild, so they will always be around
- We believe in returning players, and those who feel the guild is not for them leave by themselves
- We have both elite and new players, but everyone is helpful. There is no elitist mindset here.
- The guild is based on trust - including guild stash
- International guild, ideally always will be someone online in your timezone.

Members from all regions can join.

Just a few notes on rules:

1. You must be friendly. Elite players and new players alike should feel welcomed and included.
2. You must understand and speak English! This is our main language of communication.
3. You must be respectful of the guild stash. It is not there for YOU ALONE. Take only what you need.

If you feel this guild is for you, please contact me in game or post here if you wish to join.

Do remember that the majority of individuals here are working professionals or the such, and have no obligation to be present during a league, but may decide to drop by and play a lot for another. Even so, their membership slot will remain and they will not be removed (unless you break the guild rules).

Other officers: Botnado, LIVELIVELIVE, aurasislife, thenewbitchdiksrs
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Guild now has (25+) members, we have (four) stash slots now :)
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Now looking also for experienced players / officers! 50+ members

I would very much like to join your guild. I am a new player but I have a lot of time to dedicate, always willing and eager to learn, love meeting and playing with people, some ARPG experience (I have played the Diablo titles since the original)

Thank you for your consideration I hope to join you in Wraeclast!
I've sent you a message in game. To anyone else - We're at 70 members, growing very fast! Please apply soon if you wish to join. Thank you!
100+ members now, please apply if you are looking for an active community.
I recently came back to poe and been playing solo so far, Im interesting in joining

ign- plsnorngdeaths
I'm interested in joining. Legally blind 32 year old newbie. Love the name (Wasteland fan) and love the "at your own pace" bit (I get lost easily.) I've added ThatDPS to my friends list (at least I sure hope I did.) My character's name is BlindRyan and I sure hope my username is rkade8583
sassagez- level 51 slayer. Looking for some new friends :)
Please send me a message in game or via forums sass :)

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