[3.3] The Dancing Dominatrix - The Dancing Dervish / DB Melee Necromancer (Atziri w/ AW (+video))

I'm just wondering about one thing:
Have you comtemplated to Animate Weapons?

Yes, we lose the ability to grab nice Nemesis mods, but can fully stay outside melee.
Will give it a try when I get some time to play.
Ye, I kinda thought about that too. The army just differs greatly then and you might be able to do solo stuff better. I even think an animated weapon army is a tad stronger than TDD. The skilltree can stay the same too I believe.

You are more dependant on drops though. I might try it too on a weaponswap and melt my GPU...
Did a Trial run with Animate Weapon and Neversink's 3.3 Filter (uncomment the "ANIMATE WEAPON" section).

AW wins hands down. Voll did not stop my rampage.

I fixed the filter to show me daggers and other small weapon with another border color so I can pick the up as stash.

I can now switch back to some Rez gloves and Bones of Ullr.
Hmm, really gotta try that too but I'm prolly too lazy to always animate them weapons.

As far as progress is concerned, clearing a lvl 76 rare Residence map with enfeeble, 2 High Templars with 30% increased life and 25% increased AoE isn't much of a problem
Yeah I guess I'm just too craven to roll out this build.
If you can Dom Blow your way through everything, that's prolly gonna be your way.

Me, I found I died too often, so with them Weapons it goes smoother.
Also, I'm too slow in maps and having 20-40 animated weapon around - I just don't care that rampage is gone.
Ye, you might be better off with another weapon and even a shield if you use Animate Weapon and you'd be able to do stuff like Malachai and Atziri/Izaro without much of a hassle :D. Heck, even Dominating Blow might be better off with something like Chober Chaber, freeing up the glovespace for something like Grip of the Council. (But you will lose Rampage ofc if you do that and Rampage is a nice thing to have.)

(And running around with 20-40 dominated minions, each retaining their abilities like curser/shocker/Storm Heralds sure do have their charm.)

In the end TDD feels like a gimmick. While it is nice that the rampage increases your minions damage and your speed, other choices might be better. I tried to buff TDD however possible but I think 2-3 Zombies are better than it.

If I had the space I would maybe even run AW in conjunction with DB which most likely would increase clearspeed xfold.

(*cough* GGGpleasebuffTDDtosomethingmoreimpactfulorimproveitsAI *cough*)
Btw, I see you're going for the "Purity of Flesh" node.
Why not go for "Written in Blood" on the other side of the tree?
Make for better payout for Life+ES Chars.
Oh dang, totally forgot about those nodes ^^'
I originally had planned to take those too but forgot... and those might just be the last points to invest, thanks!

One of the reasons I went for Purity of Flesh is also due to my lack of Shavronne's Wrappings. I am unable to max out chaos res with the tree but I'm sitting at a comfortable 12% chaosres in merciless and the life I get through it works nicely with Spirit offering. (less than Written in Blood ofc but hey, it's something)
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Wow. Sicccck guide!! Really nice way to incorporate Dancing Dervish into a build! +1
Timezone: PST (California)
Thanks ^^. I updated it to Atlas. I still gotta do some work and run some more maps but so far, it still works fine.

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