[FORGE] ~ Gamers Forge Exiles ~ (NA/SEA/EU)(discord)(website)(6+ years)(100+ members)(SC/HC/leagues)

Hi, SG gateway player here

IGN: Salty_AF

Currently playing Breach league
"Abandon all hope, ye who enter." ಠ_ಠ
Hey there. New player interested in joining your guild. IGN: sakuraiBlade Cheers!
Looking for buddies to play with SG-Gateway player

IGN: Keritt

PS: Just got back from long PoE break :D
Hey im a new player that just started playing and i'm from Singapore! IGN:SPIN_TO_WIN_BBY
invite me please IGN: drazenx
ign: AverieW

I am from Singapore and have started recently. Can I join too?
IGN: IceShotThingy

Very active. Online almost everyday.
Hi I am from Malaysia and I am interested to join.

IGN: BookoftheForest

I am currently playing breach league!
Hi ! Malaysian here and currently playing in Breach SC (SG Gateway) ! Can i join this guild ?

IGN : NowWatchMeWhip

Active as always :P
SG server Breach League SC.

IGN: Cyaaaaaa

(that's 6 aces)
Invite me to the guild please! Active!

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