Skill Reveal - Lacerate

The skill performs two slashes; One aimed just to the left, then one just to the right. The slashes damage all enemies in a cone in front of the attacker. Each slash does less damage than a single hit from Cleave, but the two slashes overlap in the middle, hitting enemies in front twice. This makes the skill great for taking on tough enemies surrounded by weaker ones. If you're using just one weapon, it slashes twice with that weapon, but if you're dual wielding, it uses the main-hand weapon then the off-hand weapon.

The skill is inspired in many ways by Blast Rain, and was intended to fill a similar role for a Duelist character while leveling. It's modified by area of effect increases, so increasing the radius will increase the range of the slashes. It works with all of the supports gems that can be used with Cleave, and as with many other attack skills, it gains increased Area of Effect radius as the gem levels. All these features combine to make it reliable while leveling, and versatile at later levels.

Here is a video of it in use at the Docks, demonstrating the damage pattern of the skill:

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new melee skill hype
Why not just enable reave?
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Ahhh. Double strike build highlight making a whole lotta sense now...
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1Tokimeki2003 wrote:
Why not just enable reave?


If you showed me this video without telling me what it was, I'd basically think it was Reave.
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Will lacerate work with two-handed axes and swords?
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finaly some news :D waited impatiently for those today ^^

edit : t -24 hours for the big 2.3 news i cant wait im so excited ! :)
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If i'm seeing this correctly, unless he is shift clicking to attack, It looks like it is direction targeted not name locked. Although that is just me being optimistic.

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