Ben's Loot Filter [Breach] Updated 12/1/2016

This will be my main page for updating and maintaining a loot filter that i am customizing for myself, but would like to share for anyone else who wants to try it.


Download Link

I will be Constantly Updating the Filter (especially if there are any problems or missing things)

Updated 12/1/2016 Updated Revamped filter. no longer using NeverSink's Base Version. Updated to Baked's base version
Updated 9/23/2016 Updated Rare Unqiue Item Colors
Updated 9/23/2016 Apparently the loot filter uploaded ver was the wrong one, fixed, updated photo
Updated 9/11/2016 Added neverSink's Update To Mine as well Enjoy
Updated 9/9/2016 Added Crude Bow for loot
Updated 9/4/2016 Fixed bauble drop sound
Updated 9/2/2016 Changed the Drop sounds for alot of orbs and items/ Updated Screen Shot
Updated 9/2/2016 Changed system, implemented changes from neversink on his 2.4
Updated 9/2/2016 Added Drop level restrictions so the loot filter can differentiate between shaped maps
Updated 9/2/2016 Fixed Shaped Maps Added DropLevel and Pink Border to Identify Shaped Maps
Updated again 9/1/2016 Added base items
Updated 9/1/2016 changed colors, borders etc.
Updated With Filtration and Added new Base Types new Essence Orbs ETC ETC ETC ETC 9/1/2016
Updated With Never Sinks - 6/9/2016
Update - 6/8/2016 - Full Update Complete
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Last bumped on Aug 10, 2017, 9:43:51 AM
updated again
Updated woot
re-re-updated full color coating applied
Updated added fated

Re-Updated Tier Uniques
Updated Again
Thx a lot, that's exactly what I need with my flicker strike build.
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