[HC] Video 2.2 Bladefall poison miner occultist atziri runner triple curse CI ES

Hello everyone Dejavi here if you want to see my build in action come and visit my twitch channel


Just to mention I took the idea of this build from darkee I just share my experience and how this build works for me enjoy.

I've done about 50 atziri runs with this build on HC so far and I have to say its super easy and safe way to do it, killing double vaal boss cant go wrong with mines as we can prepare our damage and kill both at the same time, at trio boss you want to burst down archer asap and then choose between remaining 2 kite them till they die as we use triple curse including temporal chains its slows atziri's cast speed makes it easy to avoid all dangerous spells.Doing maps is also quite good maybe clear speed isnt the best here but as long we dont face curse immune mobs its very safe.I will be doing uber as soon I get 6L chest and learn normal atziri to perfection :)


+high dps
+immune to reflect
+very safe
+flexible leveling as we do swap to CI ES at lvl 70+
+can do all map mods except curse immune
+immune to chaos
+no cooldown for mines
+immune to stun


-detonate mines manually can be boring while doing maps
-could be expensive
-map clearspeed isnt the best


Normal : Kill all or you can go Oak for leveling and then change it later
Cruel : Kill all
Merci : Kill all


Leveling gear

As I mention in pros section you have many ways of leveling spark , ark , firestorm , totems your pick.Here is example of firestorm leveling option

Leveling Passive tree 1


Leveling Passive tree 2


CI ES Final tree at lvl 87


HP Based passives can be used while leveling




extra curse node is a must and then you have 2 options go for void beacon for more dmg or go for wicked ward for more ES your choice


chest 5L : bladefall - remote mine - minefield - poison - controlled destruction or swap for conc effect for bosses add trap and mine dmg for 6L
helm : vulnerability - temporal chain - enfeeble - enlighten lvl 2+ eventually you want curse gems on max quality

faster attacks - whirling blades - fortify
vaal discipline x 3 - inc duration
decoy totem - vaal lightning trap - rallying cry (which i dont use atm) - inc duration
cast when damage taken - immortal call - inc duration


Must have jewel in my opinion put it under Pain attunement socket gives about 500 ES

Then on all remaining you look for :
-mine dmg
-chaos dmg
-area dmg
-damage over time
-all res
-max ES


rare dagger with base 1.4 APS+ highest spell dmg you can get possibility to craft damage over time (its a prefix) and then whatever you need mana regen , res , stats , %attack speed (for quicker whirling blades) you can also choose binos for maps
must have item here no other option
must have we really need stun immune
atleast 5L with highest ES you can afford then some res is a bonus
same for shield high ES res
30% movement is recommended then high ES res
ES res and as much dex you can find
ES res + master craft %trap and mine dmg
you want all your missing stats dex str int and res and craft %max ES not cheap but worth it

you need atleast one pot with bleed immune freeze immune then curse immune is also nice to have on mana pot because you spam it alot then atziri promise gives nice dmg boost



Thanks for reading if you have any questions ask me in game "dejavi" or visit my twitch


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video added
leveling passive tree added
damage over time on weapon
remember to pop up vaal discipline at trio boss I have been almost one shooted because I forgot to do it .
build live on stream
HP based passives added
I see you've tested both the traps and mine playstyle. which one do you consider more fun?
mallow wrote:
I see you've tested both the traps and mine playstyle. which one do you consider more fun?

hey overall trapper is quicker for doing maps miner for atziri farm

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