Perandus Softcore : Non crit Elemental Spectral Throw Raider @ Avatar of the Veil


This build is design to be a defensive build around stacking dodge chances using 'Avatar of the Veil' master key from the Raider paired to an high evasion gear.

While most builds for projectile attack damage (such as bow and spectral throw users) runs with the Ranger's Deadeye class or the Shadow's Assassin class for more DPS and clear speed, I thought it would be great for once to build around a defensive mechanic rather than going for max DPS.

Why Avatar of the Veil ?
Avatar of the Veil gives you immunity to status ailment (ignite, shock and freeze) plus an additional 10% chance to dodge spell and 20% increased movement speed while phasing. It also provide a decent elemental damage boost.

You also get an additional permanent 6% chance to dodge spell from the Quartz Infusion Master Key that you'll pick up to reach Avatar of the Veil.

Phasing ? How do I gain it ?
'Phasing is a temporary effect that allows the player the ability to move through enemies' (Gamepedia Wiki).

There are three ways to gain phasing : 1) Using the skill "Phase Run". 2) The 20% chance to gain phasing for 3 second on kill provided by Quartz Infusion. 3) Using a Quartz flask

The first option is irrelevant because you loose your phasing effect when you use a new ability (such as attacking with spectral throw) and you want phasing while fighting. Next option is nice when you clear packs but definitely not optimal, you can't rely on it for bosses.

This lead us to the third option, the quartz flask. It provides phasing during flask effect, enabling the whole build.

Pros & Cons

+Easy to build
+Safe gameplay
+Can do all map mods except Elemental Reflect and Blood Magic
+Can achieve level 90+, Atziri and most of the map with cheap gear
+Mostly safe from monsters with elemental reflect
+Decent solo clear speed
+You get better DPS and defenses with cheap gear than a critical Spectral Throw build (30k+ DPS, 4k5HP, 55/55% dodge for less than 2ex worth of stuff).
+Provide DPS auras and shock to other party members

-You can still get one shot if you are not lucky !
-It can be tough to upgrade your gear if you want to cap your spell dodge (see gear section below)
-You doesn't look powerfull in parties (compared to these laggy CoC builds)
-Use careffuly your flask. Sometimes you need to refill flask if you don't take down boss enough fast and/or it doesn't spawn enough adds to refill it.


Crematorium T11 - LMP + 73% Extra light + Extra crit + Poison on hit

Arsenal T12 - Temp chain + 91% Extra fire + No regen + GMP

Conservatory T14 - -14% max res + GMP + Chain + no regen - boss at 4:50

Wasteland T13 - Equilibrium + monster variety + ele weakness + physical damage reduction - boss at 6:25

Gorge T9 - Temporal Chain 3:30 un


Note : These leveling passive trees focus on HP + utilitary points (Less mana reserved, INT & STR nodes) to make it easier for beginners to get through normal and cruel.




Main skill

Main attack before lvl 30 : Use Split arrow or Molten shell with cheap uniques

Main attack 4L : Spectral Throw + Lesser Multiples Projectiles + Weapon Elemental Damage + Elemental Focus

Main attack 5L : Spectral Throw + Lesser Multiples Projectiles + Weapon Elemental Damage + Elemental Focus + Pierce (higher DPS) OR Faster Attacks (better kitting)

Main attack 6L : Spectral Throw + Lesser Multiples Projectiles + Weapon Elemental Damage + Elemental Focus + Pierce + Faster attacks

Main attack 6L late game : Spectral Throw + Greater Multiples Projectiles + Weapon Elemental Damage + Elemental Focus + Pierce + Faster attacks

Far distance shot : replace Pierce or Faster attacks with Faster Projectile. It lower your DPS but allow you to kite offscreen


Auras normal : Wrath OR Herald of Ice + Herald of Thuner

Auras cruel : Wrath + Heralf of Thunder

Auras merciless : Wrath + Anger + Enlighten (not mandatory)

Other skills

Defensive setup 3L : Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 3) + Increased duration (lvl 6) + Enfeeble (lvl 7 )

Defensive setup 4L : Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 3) + Increased duration (lvl 6) + Enfeeble (lvl 7 ) + Phase run (lvl 5)

Movement skill 3L : Whirling Blades + Faster attacks + Fortify

Utilitary setup 4L : Vaal Haste + Increased duration + Elemental Weakness + Enduring cry

Golem : Flame golem (until Lightning Golem is realesed)


Alpha's Howl is a must have. Provides a lot of evasion, and great DPS boost since most of your damages comes from auras. Cost pretty much nothing nowadays (less than 10 chaos in Perandus SC).

You can't play Avatar of the Veil without using a Quartz Flask, unless you find an other reliable way to gain phasing. Doesn't cost anything

Gear progression

Weapon : Always focus on attack speed first, then elemental damages.

Body Armour : Errr. Tabula Rasa then 6L Hyrri's Ire. If you can't afford a Tabula Rasa, buy any 5L you want for 1 fusing and put an alchemy on it.

Shield : Always go for max HP and resistances first. If you can add evasion on top of it it's perfect. Don't run for an high evasion shield with no resistances/HP on it. You really need your shield to have a lot of resistances, if you want better gear elsewhere.

Helmet : HP + Resistances until you get your Alpha's Howl. You can go for a Geofri's Crest at lvl 53.

Gloves : Aim for HP + attack speed. If you can add extra accuracy on top of it and some elemental resistance it's great. Additionnal Lightning damage to attack at last.

Boots : The usual. High movement speed + HP + resistances. Get Atziri's Step whenever you are ready to spent some money on jewellery. You'll probably need to swap some other stuff in order to maintain your resistance.

Belt : HP + Weapon Elemental Damage + Resistances. That's it. You don't need a rustic sash so it makes it easier to find cheap deals.

Jewellery : Go for HP and resistances first. Flat elemental damage added to attacks are really great for leveling and good when into late game. Try to get both weapon elemental damage AND flat lightning damage to your end gear jewellery. Additionnal accuracy helps.

Jewels : Use one static strike (near the frenzy charge on the right side of your tree) for DPS. The two others need increased maximum life and attack speed for sword/one handed weapon (because it's very effective and really cheap also). Balance resistances with your two extra jewel. Extra damage as last spot.

Flasks : Two life flask, with at least one instant recovery for late game. Vessel of Vinktar is really nice to take rare/boss down fast and provide extra lightning resistance. If you don't want to play with Vessel of Vinktar, just use an Atziri's Promise. One slot is for your Quartz flask and last slot is up to you. I recommand using a Chemist flask just in case you would get it by physical damages.

Great gear

Yes. Tabula Rasa. Until you can get your 6 link Hyrri's Ire you have no reason not to use it. I was still using it at lvl 93

You may ask why I post these boots. Because High movement speed, life and resistances boots are a must have if you want to grind DPS and Defenses on the others parts of your stuff. Removing your good old tri-res boots for Atziri's Step should be the last thing you do. Remember than your chest and your helmet doesnt provide any HP and poor resistances.

Just because you are immune to shock make this flask really good to use with this build.

290 eDPS, max attack speed. There goes your late game sword. I bought it for 10 fusing (lol ?), you can use it to reach lvl 100 if you want.

Final gear

Swap for your Hyrri's Ire as soon as you get your 6 link. Don't play with a 5L Hyrri's Ire, you don't really need it. High evasion, extra 10% chance to dodge spell and attacks, small DPS boost, what else ?

This should be the last gear you should swap. Atziri's Step fits really well into this build (hello 75% spell dodge) but it may be hard to compensate the resistance loss on other part of gear. Don't go for it until you're confortable with your resistances

330+ eDPS (+ WeD craft), max attack speed. There goes your end game weapon, and guess what, I got it for 40 chaos. Yes you have less DPS than a crit build, also cost 10 ex less.

My character - lvl 94


Passive tree (115 pts) - Oak - Passive - Passive


Quick overview (at best, when all buffs are enabled)
66% chance to dodge attacks
75% chance to dodge spells
15800 evasion (~50% chance to evade attacks)
32% physical damage reduction
148% movement speed
75% fire resistance, 75% cold resistance, 81% lightning resistance, -31% chaos resistance.
169%+ total elemental resistance overcap for elemental weakness T12+ maps.
Immune to shock, ignite, chill and freeze
36% stun avoidance

Ingame screenshots
DPS unbuff

DPS buffed (Vaal Haste + Vessel of Vinktar + Onslaught)

Defense unbuff

Defense buffed (3 endurance charge + Quartz flask + chemist flask + vessel of vinktar + onslaught + vaal haste)


Is it Hardcore viable ?
You can probably reach level 90 playing carefully (avoid hard boss) but I wouldn't recommand it for hardcore.
I don't like spectral throw, is it possible to play with an other skill ?
Yes, all I did there is stacking spell and attack chance to dodge from passive tree, gear and Avatar of the Veil. You can play any other skill that use these Master key nodes and this stuff.

Edit : Works with 2.3 patch.
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Build looks legit, 40k+ GMP ST is not low dps by any standard, it should be enough to clear almost all content I think (maybe not core / uber atziri?).

Defenses look legit also, seeing as most ST characters roll with 4-4.5k life only, just curious why exactly you went for Raider & Phasing?
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Hi, thank you for your feedback.

I didnt test Core/Uber, I'm a bit broken atm (and lazy). There is still a good chance that you get one shot, just because you can't get to 100% chance to dodge. 40k is way enough for 98% of path of Exile content so I'm pretty happy the way it goes :)

To answer your question, I went for Raider (Avatar of the Veil) & Phasing just because there is pretty much nobody using it. Everyone is going frenzy/crit/deadeye/assassin ! I wanted to do something else.

Added a video of -max res GMP Chain no regen T14 Conservatory : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiNfvNULuvI

Boss went down way faster than expected.
Claws are in a similar state atm, hige ele dps for next to nothing. Taking a quick look now, there is a 309 ele dps 2.02 APS imperial claw for 5c for sale which isn't uncommon.
True. It's even better if you can get a LoH/MoH implicit.
I tried both Core map and Uber Atziri for the first time and failed at it.

I have the same issue with both Malachai and Atziri, I can't get them down fast enough to be always max dodge with flasks. Once my flasks are empty I'm pretty much one shot by physical damage (malachai) or Flameblast/spear (Atziri).

5k3 HP dodge/eva ain't really good for kiting these boss.

Rip 2ex
why pierce? ST already got 100% pierce
Do you think Elemental Focus is really worth it as a damage link? With a gem like Added Lightning your dps will probably be a little bit lower but you will be able to shock which will give you a huge clear speed advantage.
this is a pretty cool build, i'm trying it out now
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