[2.2] 9 RICHTER - Maroh Erqi Earthquake Juggernaut

Do you wanna 1 shot the entire screen and live to tell it? Look no further !!!


- Hits like a truck w/o buffs and like a train with buffs
- Very tanky, 8 endurance charges (45% phy damage reduction),
- Regens all life back in 10 seconds (~10% regen)
- 6% less elemental damage taken on full charges (OP)
- Fortify on main attack
- Can be effective relatively cheaply
- >5k HP
- 50% movement speed


- You think you are invincible ... you aren't!
- Some optimization items are relatively expensive.


Helpful Uniques

I hate slow charachters and Maroh Erqi isn't helping with that! Hatred and FA require dex and so does Carcass Jack. The reduced physical damage is a joke...

I've only got Portal and Herald of Ash on this ... but that AoE though!

You're almost always at full health ... this is pure gold! Speed,inc mellee damage.
-50% energy shield .... oh nooo the ES on Carcass Jacks is halved what ever will you do?!?!?



Weapon: Earthquake - MPD - Less Duration - Fortify - Added Fire - Mellee Damage on FL/ Conc. Effect
Crying Setup: Inc. Duration - Enduring Cry - Rallying Cry - Reduced Mana
Use Enduring Cry to get up to max charges, use Rallying when running out of mana or charge duration above 10s.
Curse: CoDT - Inc. Duration - Punishment
Movement and Lab: Leap Slam - Faster Attacks
On hit: Vengence - LGOH - Blind
Other: Flame golem
Auras: Hatred, Herald of Ash

Leveling tips

Pillar of the Caged God
Meginords Girdle
Extra: Astramentis

Bandits: Oak/Oak/Oak
Ascendancy: Unyielding, Unflinching and Unrelenting
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Level 51 and loving this build thanks for posting it and you might want to list somewhere what acendancy class you picked name wise. thanks again i hope you keep it updated/add to it often and improve it..
Hey, could you change ur profile so ppl are able to check on your characters for what items you have equiped and stuff??
What do you think about use Curse on Hit with Punishment/Warlord's Mark (or both, why not?) linked to Hatred or Herald of Ash instead use Cast When Damage Taken with the curses? Don't know if it procs with melee damage, but I do use CoH with Frostbite linked in Herald of Ice at my witch and it does seems pretty nice to do here too.
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You could show their characters in the profile?
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I've got a much more defensive passive set up... not much at all in the way of increased damage yet at level 63. Got this baby to make up for it:

You don't need much on this build to make it work... in fact if you have a Marohi... you're good to go.
Well this build is great fun. Extremely fun to play. But about Endurance and Rallying crying. If you just put a Warlord's Mark with Blasphemy there's really no need for all of those gems. You won't have mana problems, you'll get endurance charges easier and you get life leech as well.
Have to agree with inoue you dont need so many gems if you just use warlords mark with blasphemy tho if you dont have good gear you cant use herald of ash.
Im curious as to why you dont go Iron Reflexes? Wouldn't that make your carcass jack more useful?

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