2.2.1 Patch Notes

Version 2.2.1
  • Introduced the Solaris Mystery Box! It will be available during the Perandus Challenge Leagues. Thanks for your generous support!
  • The Guardian of the Mound has returned to the Prisoner's Gate in Normal difficulty. The normal version is weaker and uses fewer skills than his harder counterparts.
  • There are now icons to show when Flesh Offering and Bone Offering affect you.

Labyrinth Changes:
  • Izaro has been adjusted to be easier in Normal Difficulty. His life has been reduced by 20%. Izaro's Ground Slam and Radiant Slash now deal 10% less damage. The life of Gargoyles, Idols, Portals (Thresholds), Essences, Fonts and Lieutenants has been reduced by 20%. The Goddess of Justice's Mortar Barrage has been reduced by 20% damage, and she no longer uses Teleport. These changes only apply to Normal difficulty.
  • A "You are here" hover has been added to the Labyrinth progress map.
  • Enabled the unique item Xirgil's Crank, which can drop in the Labyrinth.
  • Argus is now immune to guillotine traps.
  • Darkshrines with significant load times on the client have been disabled for now.
  • Various broken exits have been fixed.
  • Several general improvements to the labyrinth have added.

Perandus League Changes:
  • Enabled the Perandus Manor map. This map can be sold by Cadiro in Tier 5 and above maps for 2500 coins. We hope you enjoy exploring its secrets!
  • Perandus Guardians that are revived will provide experience when slain for a second time. They stop granting experience when they've been revived two times.
  • Several significant improvements have been made to the performance of Perandus monsters.
  • Effects on the Perandus monsters have been toned down. Several changes have also been made to improve performance via preloading.

Bug Fixes:
  • Writhing Worms no longer grant souls to players with Soul Eater.
  • Fixed a bug where Writhing Worms could grant flask charges when players had Increased Flask Charges Gained.
  • Fixed the position of a strength skill near the Duelist start location to be within the large radius of Jewel slots. Strength-based threshold jewels can be used there once again.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong effects played on microtransaction versions of Rain of Arrows, Mirror Arrow and Blink Arrow when supported by Trap or Mine.
  • Fixed an issue with an inactive teleporter on the Volcano map.
  • Fixed a bug where party members couldn't see your actions when you used non-sword skills with Varunastra.
  • Fixed a bug with the "... of Force" Enchantments which could disable audio.
  • Fixed a bug where the Perandus Footprints effect faced the wrong way.
  • Fixed several issues with Strongboxes, Perandus Chests and Cadiro spawning on traps.
  • Fixed an instance crash related to Essence Drain.
  • Made some small improvements to client graphical performance.

NOTE: This patch will most likely change today's Labyrinth layouts.

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What is the Solaris Mystery Box?
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