[Ascendancy] Angryaa's SRS Spectre Necromancer.

Watch me live at: http://www.twitch.tv/angryaa

Legacy update:

Hi all, I will be making a new summoner build guide for legacy in a day or two, stay posted! Until then, you're welcome to check out me playing on my stream or look at my profile, the char's name is ANGRYSOLO.

Video introduction of the build in action: TBA.

My character profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Angryafrican/characters (look for ANGRY_NECROMANCER).

Your only class option is Witch. The Necromancer Ascendancy is uniquely suited due to the power of Mistress of Sacrifice and Soul Weaver. As with all my builds, they are built and tested in HC.

The items for this build are quite specific, but very cheap. Keep in mind that all of these items are not absolutely necessary for the build to function (except I think, Victario's charity), but allow it to get to a whole new level of power.
You need Victario's Charity, a unique shield that gives a 5% chance on hit to give allies Frenzy charges, and a 10% chance on kill to give allies Power charges. Combined with Necromantic Aegis, this provides insane charge generation for you, your minions and your party. This effect is VERY powerful on minions because minions gain 15% move, attack and cast speed per Frenzy charge totalling to 45% increase, in addition they gain 4% More damage per charge. Basically this shield puts your minions on crack. In addition, power charges give them 200% increased crit per charge. This is a very, very powerful effect that I think makes this shield best in slot for any summoner build.

http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Bones_of_Ullr provides you with an additional Spectre and Zombie. Try get a 15% movement speed one if you can.

Two http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Essence_Worm, this allows you to use two auras for no mana cost. This allows you to use your entire mana pool as additional EHP via the Mind over Matter keystone.

A +2 minion helm. This is important to make sure your 4 linked SRS, which go in the helm, do solid damage.

http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Aurumvorax, preferably a one with a 55%+ all resists roll. With so many unique items in the build, and unable to get resists from your shield due to Necromantic Aegis, this item is critical to capping your resists. If you somehow have capped res without Aurum, you can use http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Advancing_Fortress

I recommend picking up a http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Tabula_Rasa for early mapping as 6 link Spectres with Soul Weaver are very, very powerful.

For Flasks, I recommend a Bubbling mana pot when you are MoM, to quickly regen your mana when you take a big hit. A bleed removal Basalt Flask for the 20% physical damage reduction, a Quicksilver flask with increased speed and charge recovery and two instant or bubbling healing flasks. One of these flasks should have curse removal. When taking damage, remember to use both your mana and hp flasks at the same time to regenerate both your mana and life.

Finally, try get your chaos resist to 0% or higher if possible, since MoM doesn't mitigate degeneration damage, a decent chaos resist helps.

Endgame Passive Tree:

http://poeurl.com/Ekm Jewels stat priority is Minion Resists > Life > Minion Damage > Mana. Jewels without minion resists or % Life should not be used.

Gem links:

Weapon: Enfeeble + Increased Duration + Vaal Haste

4l +2 helm: Summon Raging Spirits + Spell Echo + Melee Splash + Minion Damage

Ring: Haste

Ring: Purity of elements until you have at least 3 minion resist Jewels and can cap your own resists without the aura. When you've accomplished this, change to Grace

Chest: 4l/5l/6l: Raise Spectre + Spell Echo + Minion Damage + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Fire Penetration + Elemental Focus. We use Flame Sentinels as spectres from The Eternal Laboratory. Why? Highest damage and survivability, great AI and they scale well with the high cast speed given by Frenzy Charges + Spell Echo.

Interestingly enough, a close second is Undying Grapplers (Dischargers) from Upper Sceptre of God. Their clear-speed is about equal and they have higher single target. I use Cold Pen + Elemental Focus + Minion Damage + Increased AoE + Controlled Destruction with them. If you want to be hipster, go for it its actually pretty good. The reason why I don't use them is because they cause more lag (REALLY laggy sometimes) and they have less survivability in difficult maps. I hate having to replace spectres so often. You can find them in the Upper Sceptre of God (similar to Flame Sentinels, they only have a 30%ish chance to spawn, remake zone till you get them.

Gloves 4l: Flesh Offering + Desecrate + Faster Casting + Increased Duration

Shield 3L: Flame Dash + Summon Stone Golem + Convocation

Boots 4L: Raise Zombie + Animate Guardian + Minion Life + Fortify. Before you have the needed AG items, level it in your off slot and use Minion and Totem elemental resistance on your zombies instead.

For your Animate Guardian, use http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Dying_Breath and http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Leer_Cast to provide powerful auras for you and your minions. Keep him alive by using solid life/resist gear. You might want to avoid movement speed on boots to help keep him from running too far. Use http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Zahndethus%27_Cassock for high chaos res and consecrated ground on block. There is no point to running the Guardian without Dying Breath and Leer's Cast.

You want the highest level Desecrate for summoning Spectre corpses as possible.

Bandits: Help Oak in Normal. Kill all in Cruel and kill all in Merciless.

The Labyrinth and you

This build crushes the labyrinth and can easily do sub 10 minute runs in Merciless. Of course, knowledge on how to do the labyrinth helps a ton (such as making sure the later Izaro phases are as easy as possible) and learning how to dodge traps. Minions take 90% reduced damage from traps, so they are not a concern at all.

Normal: Go in at level 38+. This way you have plenty of hp and spell echo to help you along. Take Mistress of Sacrifice .
Cruel: Go in at level 65+. You really are in no rush to do cruel Labyrinth since the passive you take is low impact. Take Flesh binder.
Merciless: Go in at 77+. Take Soul Weaver.

You can go in earlier if you wish, this is what I did in Hardcore to make sure my labyrinth runs were as low risk as possible. It worked out well for me.

Go Spark + Orb of storms. Link your Spark to Faster Casting, Elemental Focus and Controlled Destruction (or a 3l in a +1 lightning wand). Link your Orb of Storms the same way.

Skill tree levels 1 - 20. Smashing Normal with Spark.

Cast Orb of Storms and spam Spark. Link them up when you can. Focus on items that give life and resists.

Levels 21 - 38. Getting ready to go SRS and still smashing things with Spark.

Focusing on more life and mana for leveling. Just started to take minion nodes in the 30s to get ready to switch to SRS (and ONLY SRS) for late Cruel.

Levels 39 - 50. The awkward summoner teenage years.

Start working on the nodes that make your SRS more powerful, get the duration nodes and from here on out we start fleshing out the build for using SRS. Once you get to around 50, I'd recommend switching to SRS instead of Spark. I'd recommend crafting or buying a +1 4 link minion helm. Make sure to link your SRS with Echo, Melee Splash and Minion Damage.

You can craft a +1 minion helm by selling any magical helm (4 linked) with an orb of alteration and a Flask of Animation.

Another good option is http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Reverberation_Rod.

51 - 70. Rise of the Spectres and Zombies: I'm a real summoner!


Start collecting the gear you need such as bones of Ullr, Victario's Charity and Aurumvorax. Once you reach Merciless act 3 and have access to Battlefront/Solaris temple, raise some Flame Sentinals and go to town. At some point, make sure to do some respec quests and respec your starting nodes into mana and remove Elemental Overload. You don't do damage yourself any more, you have minions to do it for you! You'll likely need some dex on gear or the +30 node on the tree.

Past 70, start transitioning into the big guns. Get double Essence worm and head towards Acrobatics after picking up a bunch of life. Don't forget to take MoM when you have your worms.

Understanding Raise Spectre level mechanics; zone level matters. This is very important.:
The reason why summoning spectres from highest level zones possible is important is that the level of the zone you summon spectres from (in this case Flame Sentinels) matters a TON for making sure their hp and damage is good. Flame Sentinels from Normal and Cruel are too weak to deal with difficult boss fights and situations. You will want to get into Merciless Eternal Laboratory (level 68 Zone) for end-game Spectres.

Finally, if you summon Flame Sentinels from corpses with Desecrate to summon for spectres, the Flame Sentinels level is equal to the zone level or the Desecrate corpse level, whichever is lower. This means you should NEVER summon spectres with Desecrate corpses unless you have leveled the gem high enough. For example, if you are in a level 68 zone, but your Desecrate gem summons level 5 corpses, your Spectres will only be level 5 and thus do almost no damage and die in one hit.

To target specific corpses when raising your Flame Sentinels, press the Highlight Corpse key (default a).

Finally, minions update their stats as you change gems/items. This means you can summon some corpses, remove spell echo, summon your spectres and then put spell echo back in and your spectres will get spell echo. This is convenient for allowing you to specificly target what corpse to raise.

Adjustments for Standard.

I think dropping Grace and using Anger instead is a good option for more dps. I would recommend http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Vis_Mortis as your end-game chest, 6 linked of course. Everything else stays the same.


Q: Is this build beginner friendly?
A: I would not recommend this build to a new player. Summoner mechanics are complicated and the build requires specific items to shine. However, if you're determined and follow the guide, you can do this build just fine.

Q: Can I switch to using Spectres and Zombies earlier than Merciless act 3?
A: You can technically level as a summoner from level 1. I'd recommend against it, because minions will die repeatedly and be frustrating to maintain and SRS does worse damage than spark in Normal. SRS works well mid Cruel and the rest of the build comes into play in Merciless act 3. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.

Q: So I dropped my Purity of Elements aura cause my resists were capped and now my minions are always dying!
A: You've likely neglected the resists of your minions. You should have three Minion Resist jewels (preferably +10% each) before you drop purity of elements. When you take Necromantic Aegis they will gain an additional 8% from the shield.

Q: Why Flame Sentinels? I like Evangelists/Revenants/Bleed Archer/Discharger spectres much more!
A: Flame Sentinels have excellent AI, damage and are easy to get with a high zone level (68). After repeated testing, they prove to be number one in clear-speed and survival. One of the reasons for this is they just stand still and spam their skills, allowing them to scale with Frenzy charges and have higher clear speed =than other spectres. You can use other spectres, but from what my testing indicates, the build will be less efficient.

Q: Why double Essence Worm MoM instead of EB/ZO/MoM?
A: This method allows the build to keep life regen, not rely on energy shield on gear to function, and allows it to get Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics for superior mitigation. Defensively I feel the double Essence Worm option is much stronger than EB/ZO/MoM.

Q: Does this build really need SRS/Essence Worms/Zombies/Minion Resists/Victario's Charity/Etc to be good?
A: Yes. Everything in the build functions and synergises well together. Tinker and change at your own risk. The vast majority of people who have troubles with my summoner guides do so after changing something about it. Only do this if you know what you're doing!

Q: Why no curses besides self cast enfeeble?
A: Pooping out SRS tends to do more damage than worrying about cursing. Also socket space is a big limiting factor. Enfeeble is just used to help against dangerous high dps enemies such as Perandus box monsters and map bosses.
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Hey man great build, i have the itens to do it, i think i will give it a try. But i really dont like the Raise Spectre mechanics, can i use something else in the place like vaal skeletons or something else?
claydbp wrote:
Hey man great build, i have the itens to do it, i think i will give it a try. But i really dont like the Raise Spectre mechanics, can i use something else in the place like vaal skeletons or something else?

No. Spectres with the new Soul Weaver Ascendancy passive are way tankier than before. If you hate Spectre mechanics (which are not ideal I agree) I'd recommend trying out a different build. Skeletons are very weak and Spectres are actually about 60-70% of my clear speed.
Ok, thank you. I will give it a try. Actually my problem with Raise Spectre is that i need to go to the map every time to use it, I am too lazy to do it. But i will try.
Last edited by claydbp on Mar 8, 2016, 1:22:46 AM
So usually SRS builds don't curse because 90% of the time they're busy casting/avoiding things. Is your "rotation" basically curse stuff > cast SRS > offering when there's corpses?

And why do you opt for Mistress of Sacrifice instead of Spirit Eater if you're using flesh offering?
Last edited by Liquor on Mar 8, 2016, 2:43:47 AM
for the 30% increased duration which buffs srs/flesh offering/vaal haste, and so you gain the faster casting, so you can more easily ramp up to 50 srs. also the movement speed is nice. depending on your weapon the attack speed will buff whirling blades
Hi Angry, doing this build and absolutely loving it. The charges are amazing! Couple things I wanted to mention.

According to the wiki, frenzy charges give 4% MORE damage to minions, in addition to the other bonuses you mentioned: http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Monsters#Charges

Secondly, its actually not that hard to cap resists between helm, chest, gloves, belt, and jewels. Given that you don't need the aurumvorax for resists, have you considered http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Clayshaper? It seems to me that the extra phys damage could be very powerful for SRS!

Finally, while you are correct that there are faster ways to level, I really enjoy leveling as a summoner starting around level 20. Reverberation rod for a cheap 4-link including spell echo and +1 gems is amazing for SRS, and Matua Tupuna gives +2 to zombie levels very early on.

Anyway, thanks for the guide!
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I'd also like to mention http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Zerphi%27s_Last_Breath as a strongly synergistic defensive mechanic to go with this build! Mind over Matter guarantees that you'll be missing mana when you take a big hit, and casting SRS with Haste and Vaal Haste generates a LOT of hp from the flask effect. With a decent sized health and mana pool (and maybe another mana flask or a lot of extra regen) its honestly hard to die!
Looking forward to the video of you Angry! I wanna learn the limitations of this build and how it feels in HC Perandus league. (Can this do all map mods? On a scale of 1 to LA Voltaxic how fast is doing higher tier maps with this build and can it kill all bosses too?)
Greetings! I am planning to use this in altered EB/MOM/ZO format - really enjoying it so far.

I'm here because I did some testing and wanted to plant the seed for an idea with whoever is brave enough:

Undying Grapplers available in warehouse sewers discharge and flicker strike as spectres. Main problem I see is squishyness (at least where I am in the skill tree).

ign: SeriouslySRSLY

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