[2.2] Occultist (Contagion + Essence Drain) Beginner starting build

Okay I changed my mind. I'll go with witch occultist. It's a lot more damage with possibilites to switch to lowlife CI later in the game once I get insane gear. It has ~30% less life than my scion tree but with dual curse which means either vulnerability or enfeeble for me, enfeeble gets me 30% less damage taken so basically they end up the same if i'm not mistaken. BUT the witch tree has like a whopping ~150% more damage which is amazing, not to mention the even less chaos res and life regen of nearby mobs + chance to blow them up as well!
skill trees died, they are all offline
hey can you update the leveling trees please and thank you :)?
You can paste the link into this offline skill tree https://github.com/EmmittJ/PoESkillTree/releases/
Is ED and contagion decent enough when you first get them to use for leveling? Or should I stick to some other skill?
i'm leveling with them, going pretty decent.
ill give it a try.
100% SSF! <3
In SC i used ligthning tendrils during the first acts (less and less), it helped spreading the contagion faster.
im going scion and it is fun as hell thanks a ton for posting this build!!
Halfway through cruel and loving the build. Really picked up once I bothered to 4link ED.

Would you say Consuming Dark is still a good weapon option?

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