Online Multiplayer Humble Bundle - Get your Arctic Crown and Cobra Pet!

Humble Bundle and Gamepedia recently invited us to participate in a bundle of online multiplayer games. We've created a new microtransaction, the Arctic Crown, and combined it with the popular Cobra Pet. These are available as top-tier rewards in this bundle. Humble Bundle allows you to pay whatever amount you'd like for the bundle, with a portion of each sale going to various charities and the developers of the games. Opting to contribute more unlocks even larger bundles for an even better deal!

This Humble Bundle has three tiers. You can pay whatever you like and receive a Curse Premium 30-day subscription, along with a pack of four games (or microtransactions in free games). If you pay $5 or more, this selection will expand to nine games. If you pay $12 or more you'll receive $277 worth of awesome stuff, including the new Arctic Crown microtransaction and the Cobra Pet!

The Arctic Crown Helmet Skin replaces your helmet with a frost-pulsing crown. It will eventually be available in our store (for 200 points), but if you pay $12 or more for the bundle, you'll get both it and plenty of other cool rewards. This Humble Bundle offer lasts for two weeks only! Get in now to get your bundle, while supporting some great charities and developers.

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yay good job guys per usual.

this is a nice promotion for the 'offseason' of path
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cool :)
Not so worth... IMO.
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PSA: Can't wear this crown on top of helmet skins.

Lame. Want my $12 back.

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Will it come to Microtransaction shop separatedly? Yes, it will come for 200 points.

Edit: Read it only right now. Sorry.
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Don't get me started on the Cobra pet. I regretted buying it, it is tiny and practically invisible in maps.

As for the crown, it is a bit bulky for my tastes, but I will think about it.
Hell yeah
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