[2.1] Non-Crit ChaosBall witch

Hi can someone give me suggestions for this tree:


Idea of build - 100% fire to chaos conversion without auras and no crit

Armor - Infernal mantle 6L
Weapons - Consuming Dark + other high spell // flat fire to spells dagger
jewels - 1 clear mind + 2 rolling flames

6L fireball+gmp+spell echo + faster casting + controlled destruction + Empower
cwdt setup - cwdt + im + incr duration + frost wall
golem - fire golem + minion life + minion resists or chaos golem
mobile skill + wb+ fa + forti

Other item slots ?

Best Regards
Celestial Punishment makes no sense as you won't be igniting anything after the fire -> chaos conversion.
As you shouldn't be planning with 123 points just avoid the whole cluster.
100 points tree
110 points tree

Maybe this is an alternative you might have a look at:
[2.1]Poison balls of destruction, chaos magma orb!
It's a shadow build that can easily be changed into starting as witch. The tree offers a better defense by taking acrobatics. Although using magma orb instead of fireball the tree and gems should be viable for fireball too.
If you want to play fireball plan with several Rolling Flames jewels that give fireball a bigger aoe.

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