PC Gamer reveals the new Marauder Ascendancy Class: The Berserker

PC Gamer has just revealed one of the Marauder's three ascendancy classes: The Berserker - a specialisation that rewards risk-taking with powerful damage and survivability bonuses. Read more.
Nice! this is awesummmmmm
nice :)
GUILD ZA BALKANSKE IGRAČE : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1227661

"Discord"Voice ( dođite na mikrofon - Link za automatski invite ) : https://discord.gg/Q54KWUH
awesome :D
100% attack dmg 100%leech as life lel

Only one problem, what class to choose....
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This lets me make the melee build i always dreamed of!
Think my choice is made.... for now :)


wow lol definition of melee man mode! beastly
100% attack speed is bad shit insane

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