2.1.2 Patch Notes

Can you fix the clipping on frost wall? The amount of projectiles passing through it is too damn high!
Completed 11 ChallengesMalone wrote:
Completed 29 ChallengesI_NO wrote:
Increased the drop chances of some of the rarer Divination Cards.

That's a start.

yeah, Path of Exile, a game for casuals. 400 % more top tier uniques, more rare div cards etc

ironic, nice.
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but still FEMURS OF SAINT is useless til now ...
But what about Lightning warp, it is still bugged :'(
Raging Spirits spawned in Haku missions now deal substantially less damage at all levels. The density of them has also been reduced at higher levels.

About gorramed time! =^[.]^=
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Could this patch be the reason I'm getting this error: Disconected from patching server before patching completed? Too many people accessing the server at the same time?
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Completed 7 ChallengesGGG_Neon wrote:
Version 2.1.2

[li]Fixed a bug where you could bypass the Skeleton Mage limit through use of Totems.[/li]

Finally some eyes on this... Now when can we expect to see the real fix to the real problem of skeleton mages not working with any support gem?

Completed 7 ChallengesGGG_Neon wrote:

[li]Fixed a bug where you could bypass the Skeleton Mage limit through use of Totems.[/li]

Too bad they don't work altogether. :V
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Builds - https://www.dropbox.com/s/g34poofo61g4fv4/Builds.txt?dl=0
Thanks GGG for this path notes. always a good work.

But can you fix this BIG bug with Flicker Strike ? :(


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Thanks GGG for this patch, finally you changed the raging spirits mechanics, I died to many times last week to hundreds of spirits spawning continuously

Thanks again guys <3

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