Skill Reveal - Earthquake

The Ascendancy expansion will introduce some new skills to Path of Exile that create new ways for you to build your character. Earthquake is one such skill, a Melee slam attack with an interesting twist.

This skill slams the ground, dealing damage and creating a fissure that explodes in an aftershock after a short duration. This aftershock is huge and destructive, but you can't create another fissure while one is active.

The left image shows the shockwave of the initial hit and the right image shows the aftershock.

To optimise your damage with the aftershock, you'll want a slower weapon. It helps to find ways to shorten the skill's duration. The easiest way to do this is with the Less Duration support gem, which will soon also grant More Damage to duration skills.

Even without access to these tools, the skill is great for clearing large groups of weak enemies, as you can strike the ground once and have a dependably destructive second hit not far away.

Here is a video of the skill in action, being used by a high-level character:

Balance & Design
Look like 360° Ground Slam with new MTX :)
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looks like fun
My IGN is DeathsIcyClutch
Seems fun, how will its tooltip display the damage?
You expect me to act as something I'm not? I picked this name for a reason.
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Pretty nice.
Looks cool! Thanks GGG
hypequake :o
So ice crash meets ground slam?
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