[2.5] Pathfinder Voltaxic Dual Siege Ballista

2.6: Drillneck nerfed.

2.5 changes
2.5: You can do elemental reflect maps again as your totems got a slight buff in the resistance department. Some minor totem buffs around the skill tree. Still works the same as previous patches.

2.4 Changes
]2.4: Nothing really changed. Pierce got nerfed a little bit as well as poison (form 10% to 8%). Still miss pre 2.3 Voltaxic. You can kill Shaper with the right gear. You also need to use Wither otherwise your DPS will be too slow. Shaper minion phases really suck with this build though. Not the best to farm Shaper with this build.

[Standard] SHAPER

2.3 Changes and Videos
2.3 Voltaxic Changes: Don't do Elemental Reflect maps. Your totems one shot themselves. Ya...

For Pathfinder, It will probably be worth going Master Herbalist, Nature's Adrenaline, and Nature's Boon. You can decide between Master Suregeon and Master Alchemist.

I tested it out in a shrine and a wasteland. It still does great damage. Your chaos damage takes a hit, but should be fine for soloing. I don't know how it performs in maps groups.

[2.3] 81 map
[2.3] Colosseum - Vulnerability + Boss damage/attack speed

Quick Overview
1.7 multiplier + 3 or 4 MORE support gems and Elemental Focus works out to be powerful. GMP works nicely with Rain of Splinters. I highly suggest using it for map clears.

It's a totem build so you should be avoiding most damage. Temporal Chains paired with good movement speed helps immensely with dodging attacks. Flasks should be up most of the time providing good offense and defense.

Fun build!
Required and Recommended Uniques



Boring Leveling:
Get yourself a Static Electricity jewel. Equip them in the jewel slot between Shadow + Ranger and Ranger + Duelist. Tabula Rasa is great for leveling. Make your way over to Ancestral Bond. You can pick up Point Blank if you want. Storm Cloud is useful and use Tempest or Doomfletch's Prism if available. Use your best judgement on what to level with. I suggest leveling with added lightning, WED, and lightning pen. It's really boring until you can use siege ballista. I leveled until level 64 in cruel dried lake. Once you equip Voltaxic, life becomes more fun.

Pathfinder -> Master Herbalist, Nature's Adrenaline, Nature's Boon. It's up to you whether you want Master Surgeon or Master Alchemist.

Siege Ballista - Added Lightning Damage - Weapon Elemental Damage - Elemental Focus - Void Manipulation - Faster Attacks/LMP/GMP/Slower Projectiles.

Note: Consider using LMP/GMP for clearing maps. It helps with clear speed especially in open maps. Switch to Slower Projectiles/Faster Attacks for difficult bosses or difficult maps.

Vaal Haste or Vaal Grace and Vaal Lightning Trap + Increased Duration

FOR SHAPER: USE WITHER + Faster Casting + Increased Duration. Drop Vaal skills.

Blasphemy + Temporal Chains (+ Level three or higher Enhance if you get reduced mana reservation nodes) Other options are Projectile Weakness or AA. If you pick up reduced mana reservation nodes, you can use Grace or Haste. Make sure to take off blasphemy for Hexproof maps.

Other Gems:
Frenzy, Enduring Cry and/or Rallying Cry, Blink Arrow. Rest of the gem slots are up to you. While leveling, I suggest equipping as many wrath and added lightning gems as you can fit so you can attempt to vaal them for level 21.

You can use Rallying Cry and Enduring Cry. Make sure you put Increased Duration with Rallying Cry. It will last >15 seconds with a 20 quality gem. Makes it easy to keep Rallying + Enduring cry up at the same time.

Oak | Attack Speed | Frenzy or Endurance or Passive (I took Oak, Attack Speed, Frenzy)

Reasons for getting Reduced Flask Charges on Belt and Tree:
You need at least 16% reduced flask charges on your belt in addition to 15% on the tree to be able to use your Taste of Hate, granite, etc three times as opposed to two.

Flask Demonstration

Make sure you get Intelligence on your gear.

Bow: Voltaxic
Quiver: Drillneck, 100% chance to pierce = 100% increased projectile damage. Use this and nothing else.
Armour: Lightning Coil, Lioneye's Vision, Belly of the Beast, Evasion or Evasion + Armour, Kintsugi, Tabula Rasa or Kaom's Heart. I suggest getting a L-Coil, Kaom's or Lioneye's Vision. Lioneye's Vision provides highest DPS, but difficult to color. 5 off colors
Gloves: Life, Attack Speed, Resists (Int if you need it)
Helmet: Life, Resists (Int would be nice here)
Boots: Atziri's Step or Life, Resists, Movement Speed
Rings and Amulet: Life, % elemental damage or lightning damage to attacks, resists, or int (Added lightning damage to attacks gives you the same or a little more DPS than % elemental as long as you have T1/T2)
Belt: Life, % Elemental Damage, at least 16% Reduced Flask Charges Used. Try to put on flask duration from Tora.

Gloves: Decree of Spite
Boots: Adds 1-160 Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently
Helmet: Siege Ballista Attack Speed, damage, or Totem Placement Speed or Temporal Chains Curse Effect

Ascendancy bought about some awesome new flasks. Stibnite, Silver, Basalt, and Sulphur. Atziri's flask adds great DPS. I use a single health potion. What flasks you use are up to you.

I use: Catalyzed Eternal Flask, Quicksilver and Silver Flasks. The other two slots vary depending on the situation. Vinktar's, Atziri's Promise, Rumi's Concoction, Taste of Hate, or a Divine Mana Flask.

Perandus Gear

Standard Gear
I switch flasks depending on map mods.


Combination: Projectile Damage, Totem Damage, Increased Damage, Attack Speed, Attack and Cast Speed, Attack Speed while Holding Bows, Increased Maximum Life or Resists

Current Perandus jewels:

2.2 Hideout Offense Stat Sheet -- Perandus

2.2 Defense Stat Sheet -- Perandus

2.2 Miscellaneous Stat Sheet -- Perandus

Elemental Reflect are no longer worth doing. Your totems will one shot themselves. Be careful in chain maps. You will need a mana potion for no regen maps. You may need to bring along a mana potion for 40%/60% reduced regen maps. Otherwise, you can do all map mods and most map bosses except double core Malachai. I have killed Core Malachai, but you may a couple times. Plaza boss may be difficult. Do not do double boss Plaza with temporal chains and chilled ground. Bad experience.

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Looks pretty fun
hehe nice one :)
Added Atziri video and how I leveled.
Post your stats (offensive, defensive).
Sitnave wrote:
Post your stats (offensive, defensive).

Woops, forgot to include images. Posted them.
Thanks. I'm doing pseudo-elemental-some-crit version of dual ballista (with 5c worth Glare instead of 2ex Voltaxic ;)) and also can't complain. Yet defences are worse than yours.

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Added an alternate skill tree, thoughts on charisma and slower projectiles gem. Updated some gear and other stuff.
Added Flask Demonstration and Conservatory video. Added my new current 8 jewel skill tree. Added new screenshots of my DPS with Poison and DPS with Faster Attacks. Added current defense and miscellaneous page screen shots.

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