Talisman-Themed Fan Art Competition!

In the past, we've run many fan art competitions that have yielded amazing results from the community! We're starting a Talisman-themed competition today that will run for two weeks. Eight winners will receive one armour set of their choice from the prize list and the top three winners will receive the opportunity to use a portion of their fan art as a custom forum avatar!

What does Talisman-themed mean?
This means anything that's inspired by the content that was introduced in 2.1.0. This could be the stone circles, Rigwald, your favourite new skill or anything else you can think of!

Prize List
Eight winners will receive their choice of one of the following armour sets:

Here's an awesome example by SkintickeT5! We were really impressed with this work and feel that it captured the mood of Talisman quite well.

If you're interested in submitting your fan art, just post it in this thread! We'll pick the eight winners in two weeks. Good luck, Exiles! We can't wait to see your creations.

(We're expecting to post answers to the community Q&A on Friday.)
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Make Pretty things
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thanks to http://poe.xyz.is/
Top 3 get to draw their own avatar, essentially. Very interesting.
Cool, love fan art displays.
GGG - Please make the Templar Lab Zana's hideout. That place is pretty.

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Hype !
these art competitions can be awesome - seen some pretty awesome stuff and some very intuitive approaches to PoE art (such as the sculpture streams etc)


edit. oh just noticed the "real" reward for being in top3... Alt art Forum avatar is an AWESOME reward! GG too bad I am bad at arts :/

ps. Seems PoE is coming to its 3rd year after Open Beta "soft release" - (OB was released in 23.1.2013). Also - If im not wrong - PoE has now been in "development/release" for 9years altogther... HUGE Contgratz to all the people in GGG and especially "the original" team who started from Zero; built it from D2 forums and so on! (tbh I still dont believe Chris took the 2weeks off - his been lurking in office for sure!)

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Good luck to all, looking forward for amazing draws!!!

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