Skill Reveal - Ice Trap and the Cluster Trap Support Gem

Alongside the Ascendancy expansion in March, we're introducing some new skills to Path of Exile to add diversity to existing builds. One such skill is Ice Trap, a level 28 Area of Effect trap. Today, we're going to talk about how this skill works and about another support gem that we're introducing that works well with it.

This skill creates a series of icy explosions in a set pattern. Enemies can be caught by multiple explosions, making the skill effective against large enemies and more damaging to enemies at the edges of the burst.


This skill gives Trap characters a reliable, large area skill to get through late Act 3 and Act 4. It also synergizes well with an upcoming support gem, Cluster Trap.

When a Trap is supported by Cluster Trap, it will throw 4 additional traps, but these traps will be placed randomly in a radius around the targeted location and do less damage than normal. This makes it great for taking out large packs, especially with skills that hit a large area like Ice Trap, but can also deal high damage to a target who is surrounded. You can alternatively use the unique item Sunblast to detonate the traps around a tough boss and have them all hit.

Here is a video of Ice Trap in action and being used with Cluster Trap.

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nice skill, thx
It's probably my next char main skill :)
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Wow. That Cluster Trap looks awesome!

Interested to find out how well it works with different traps.
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Yeah, more clear speed for all builds!
Power creep hype.
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Looks great, nice to see it used in maps rather than in a leveling scenario.
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Welp, looks like I might be rolling EE trapper in 2.2.
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Johnathan time is the most expensive time. He had been given several drinks though. So you either won't see it, or it'll be awesome... without accidentally all the frogs again. But let's make this interesting by confirming it.
Can you use cluster traps with multiple traps for mega AoE?

Also I noticed that in the video cluster traps can throw traps up/down ledges, which is unlike multiple traps. Is multiple traps fixed or is it expected to never be used again? That ledge limitation has been debilitating for my trapper in certain maps.
Cool skills for trappers!
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