[2.1] Aim's Blades of Hands - 200k Bladefall CI ~10K ES

Hi everyone this is a WIP working on vids, budget guide, and stuff but all you need is one 5L pledge for similar DPS and mana most important part of PoH. I have 2000 mana with no mana nodes on tree!

After doing Blade Vortex I stumbled into Blade fall putting the gem in blade vortex spec and it's even more powerful and ranged so little danger so I'm making this. It's basically my SuperNova tree but using bladefall and switch to CI to handle big occasional hits for late maps.

Courtyard w/ -minus 12 max resistance -reflect 18% -monster do 106% extra fire -desecrated grounds Gem 19
Wasteland vid
No life or mana regen
Feared devowerers poppin up
Reflect 18% elemental and I do 4/5ths elemental
Monster fire 4 addtl projectile
28% increased monster damage
slow going but hard maps are:P
Crematorium 19 gemhttps://youtu.be/_VNQv-HPLX8

old vids
Atziri basically face tank everything even trios and vaals lightning balls to show power of CI gem 17
Video Arid lake gem 17

Superfast clears - like my supernova but better, more DPS and ranged and no gem swap on boss
Can do almost all map mods including
-double reflect Slot LL gem and warlords takes care of Life Leech
-No regen, turn off clarity and Warlords takes care of mana
-No curse, we have fat mana regen with PoH and clarity and have life leech don't need warlords
-Huge EHP I have 9500ES with okay gear
-Chaos Immune

somewhat pricey for decent ES.

Update level 19 gem



( 1 gem slot
) (1 gem slot
) Swap conc and inc AOE on packs/boses swap LL and empower on refelcet/no reflect

Double or triple curse chest

5L triple curse

6L not really needed but I had one so why not get curses off faster..

If you dont have enlighten take Charisma in tree. Only 4 nodes and way more powerful.

Movement and DPS buddy

CWDT Set and skellies to draw agro on bosses

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Yep, I'm in... :p

It looks good.

Bandit Choices, can you make leveling trees and talk about if you made any respecs or using certain combos or gear at certain times?
Sep 29, 2013
Drunken Bladefall Build (Witch) - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1575889
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Could you make a lowlife variant, possibly using prism guardian.
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Could you make a lowlife variant, possibly using prism guardian.

LL would be about 6-7K ES and allow you to run anger and a maybe a couple heralds for even more DPS. I never been crazy about LL though unless you're doing like 1m DPS like back in the day of shatter shuck and nothing gets close to hitting you. CI is nice to be able to tank a couple big hit.

Anyway new vids gem 17.
Atziri https://youtu.be/GsFG5uBNufA
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Got this bad boy triple cursing now.
Bosses basically go down instantly. This build is a lot stronger than my supernova build Ray!

lvl 19 gem
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Aiyania wrote:
Bandit Choices, can you make leveling trees and talk about if you made any respecs or using certain combos or gear at certain times?


Leveling trees
Best to start with a life sprig for Flame totem + faster projectiles + faster cast and Reverberation wand for arc + faster cast + added lightning.

Arc Keeps your distance and flame totem draws agro in addition to being a fast killer.

You have to play hybrid at first, life and ES gear and use life flasks like life builds. Make all the long run first and life.

lvl 20ish

lvl 40ish

lvl 60ish

At some point before you hit maps it's time to move to full time CI. After you got a decent 500+ES chest, can wear good rings with mana and mana regen and boots like rainbow strides in that slot and other ES gear. Spend your 12 regrets and switch to full CI.

Again lvl 60ish as CI

Now ready to move into full blown crit CI

Ready for end game gear PoH, Vertex/GG rare helm, etc.

Final passive @ 93

Could you make a lowlife variant, possibly using prism guardian.

I made a low life version on my own before I saw this post. I think the OP's version is probably better then mine but I wanted to try out a build with triple blasphemy aura's and I thought low life would be the way.

Here is my tree at level 91.


I get about 7.9k ES and auto curse everything with 3 curses. Although I only get about 100k dps with flasks and charges. I am sure you could do it differently without blasphemy warlords/assassins mark/temp chains but I just wanted to go that route. 100K dps is fine for me and it is fun. You could swap haste instead of grace if you wanted more dps.

Not trying to take away from OP, just someone asked and it happened to be what I was doing.

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Hey Aim, watched your vid mate, pretty impressive.

I've been running a version of CoC on my witch for a while, it's damn strong. Very similar to your SuperNova build I think.

How close is this bladefall build of yours to being finished?

I've got one of my 6 link pledge's ready to go, right colours and everything, so I can re-spec into this build whenever you are about done changing it around... :)

Did you choose the armour just because it has high ES?

*Edit* Just tried an interesting trick.. I removed my shield and dagger from my CoC Discharge build, and replaced it with a pledge with your gem setup in it.

Went for a quick run in merciless dried lake and murdered everything easily.. :)

I didn't even have my aura's running, nor my golem up.


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Hmmm, Got it up and running with a re-spec on tree. Couldn't find a decent armour to use yet, so I'm using a Tabula Rasa.

Currently getting 63K with three auras up. Ran a couple of maps ok, mana is a bit of a problem, but not too bad.

I like the way you can "walk" the blades out in front of you as you go, if I could cast non-stop it would be a lethal build on maps.

Armour...dunno what to use, most of mine are too low on ES to consider seriously viable propositions, so i'm still looking.

Pretty happy with it so far though, it has the potential to be a killer build.

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