Shrapnel Shot

1. Cone gets the same Conversion as the arrow.
2. It's the exact same stat -> they're added together, you get one roll for Double Damage.
I actually tried a shrapnel shot build to see the limit, pathfinder, CI, using lioneye's glare, elemental overload, point blank and whole lot of flask, similar to HoWA style, it's OK I guess.

Damage can be really high, you have situational damage boost all over the place, shrapnel shot itself has a double damage cone,guaranteed double damage from 2 threshold jewels, point blank 50% more close range, vinktar flask shock, maloney's nightfall quiver up to 60% increased damage against blinded enemy by using smoke flask (really hard to find a phys to lightning corrupted maloney quiver tho, that's why chose pathfinder, to use conversion vinktar to get 100% conversion reliably), ele overload

The clearing speed is the prblm, it is similar to HoWA, but HoWA attack from a distance and quite safe, this skill you need to be kind of melee range, can't kill all the mobs because some of them will be behind you, that slow things down.Being close range also brings a second prblm, stun, unlike HoWA, you don't have the option not using stun immunity with this skill . And third prblm is visual confirmation about the cone is bad, you can't see how much area you are covering, not like xxx nova or flame blast, it's annoying sometimes. Another thing is nowhere to buy shrapnel shot enchanted hubris circlet, no one keeps them.

I think this skill better to be used as a single target for lightning arrow, the build will be socket heavy but the damage is rewarding. That's why I think GGG should make shrapnel shot 50% phys to lightning conversion, that way a lightning arrow build can use it straight away, don't have to find a particular corrupted quiver.
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