[2.1] Zizarans Reave Ranger

Reave Ranger 2.1

Link to build: poeurl.com/s8R

This is designed for hardcore so it has a 217% life (192 from tree + 5% each Jewel slot) with health on your gear you should get between 5.3-5.8k Life. To be able to do 80+ Maps you ideally want a Lightning coil or a Taste of hate as a minimum, once you have both you will feel comfortable in 82 Maps.

for a 6 link you want Faster attacks, Melee Physical, Multistrike, Fortify, Increased area of effect and Reave.
On a 5 link you'd probably drop out the increased area of effect unless you're in low areas, then you can drop out fortify or faster attacks.
4 Link I'd definitely keep the fortify in So in a 4link your setup would be Fortify, Reave, Melee
Physical, Multistrike.

Other Links: You want a 3link with Increased duration, cast on damage taken immortal call, this split second of phys immunity can be the difference between you living and dying.

For building power charges you want either a herald of ice, curse on hit, assassins mark, the alternative (hopefully better alternative) should be Blasphemy, increased area of effect and assassins mark.

Blood Magic, Blood rage and Ice golem, particularly if you're using a soul taker you wont be able to cast these without the blood magic because you'll reserve 100% of your mana.

Auras you want to run Hatred, Herald of Ice and Herald of Ash (Replace ash or Ice with Blasphemy if we discover this to be as good as we think it is!)

4 Link with Leap slam, Fortify, Faster attacks and Whirling Blades, You want both whirling blades and leap slam since whirling blades cant go over things and you can end up getting stuck.

This is what I used in the 5whc and it worked very well for me, in 2.1 you will most likely be using snakebite to apply more poison charges, and if possible dark ray vectors could be quite good too but will be hard to wear.


Fill out the immediate ranger and duelist tree like this - poeurl.com/s8U and then move up to shadow, You wait with taking acrobatics until you want to move into maps, You will feel a little squishy until you can afford a lightning coil so that should be your first big purchase. You'll be using cleave until you are level 12 then you change to reave, I have a guide for this on my youtube @ pcchild so you can visit there for more information.
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Looks too party oriented to me.

Most importantly is what is the logic behind not taking the frenzy charges? Is it really that hard to sustain them in a party? I thought icd+blood rage was enough to snatch a kill here and there even with a culler.

I guess for the same reason you are not taking Graceful Assault?

You are not going to use Death's Hand so that is the reason you are not taking additional power charge?

Its like you are more worried about survivability than damage, you sure that your damage will be on par with other upcoming builds?
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that´s the old Passive Tree , isnt´ it?.
Claims to be a 2.1 guide, but does not even mention the combo of Blasphemy + Assassin's Mark. Apart from that you also show an outdated version of the skilltree.
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flechu wrote:
that´s the old Passive Tree , isnt´ it?.

copy the link in poe.com passive and paste it in offlineskilltree program to see 2.1 version.
No Problem,
Whats the difference between playing reave build on ranger or shadow ?
Teplokot: It is indeed very strong in parties giving huge regen to the entire party and the increased health of the mobs making poison stacking more important. However as most builds, solo play will always be insanely easy to clear because mobs have so little health when you are solo, if you saw in the video even in a temp chain map mobs were dying instantly.

As for the frenzy charges I will play around with getting more in, but its hard because you cant sacrifice any survival or critical chance to get more frenzy charges in. Also I was critical capped without additional power charges.

As for the last comment about "its like you are more worried about survivability than damage" well, yes, that's exactly what I am since the build is designed for hardcore :P And seeing as reave only got buffed now pretty much and I was clearing 82 maps fast solo I think it should only be stronger now!


Flechu: It needs to be pasted into Poe Skill tree Planner, my bad, i should have mentioned that in my post.


Candoerfer: Yeah I tried to do all of this in less than two hours because I needed to start my stream so I forgot a few things, including posting links for other gear than the 6 link, I will update this in the morning, but yes blasphemy + assassins mark could be huge, I'm slightly worried about the range on blasphemy though! And as above, not an outdated version of the skilltree.


TheExile777: Thank you <3


Diesel1116: The way im looking at the poison changes, is that its a buff that largely wont affect your clearspeed, except on rares and unique mobs, so I dont want to focus heavily on it. The shadow starting passives would focus more on the damage vs uniques and rares (damage over time) vs I'd rather have the ranger start nodes for example, for more survival since it is intended for hardcore.
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Why don't you make use of vaal reave?
I do, it's in the video guide, but you dont need to link it with anything, should probably have mentioned it here too, my bad!
@Zizaran ingame
hi , im new to reave and back for Talisman .. how is your build for up coming league and changes ?

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