Path of Exile: Ascendancy (News Coverage)

looks great! thanks!
I can't... it's too much.
Awesome! Looks great!
Officially hyped :D
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Sound great

Immo_scion - Lv 100 solo - Playing in partys is too easy - solo for life :)
don't look...

must not get hyped...


I need more purple titles
Ascendancy Class are AWESOME

That's a great Upgrade to PoE, thanks a lot GGG :D
Completely blown away! This is the best ARPG of all time, LONG LIVE CHRIS WILSON!!!
i hope my toaster still can handle it
my english sux.
This game has allrdy HYPE!

and now it has overpowered Hype ^^

Best Game in the last few years!!!
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