[2.1] 4+ Curse/ 3-5 Aura Ranger Support, Budget Version included! [SC]

Budget Version 4 Curse, 4 Aura for 3 EX:

~25 EX Build you can expand to from the bugdet version: This version of the build will be continued in the second post of the thread.


For general understanding on curse characters I suggest reading: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1098458

Ranger over Scion?
Most of the support character guides are for Scion, but my build benefits more from a Ranger start and leaves more options available. This doesn't make the Scion start unviable, but it is certainly not optimal (Although Scion leaves the option open to adapt to other full support builds if this one isn't working out for you). Also I wanted to have the Ranger Guide list to have some Support options as well ;)
The difference is Scion: 18% all res, easy access to jewel and one dead skill node
rangers: 17% max life and 62% evasion and + 18 life (which you probably want to take anyway as a scion)

Will this work with Ascendancy?
Yes it will and it will be even better than now. Pathfinder will significantly buff the pots we use and that's more than enough. I expect some nerfs to curses, but other than that the build should remain the same and might even get buffs if the evasion wheel gets reworked.

Pros and Cons:
+Significantly buffs your party and therefore any party player will want you in the group
+Vaal Haste on Generosity at least doubles the clear speed of any group I run with
+Reduces the difficulty of every encounter immensely (4+ Curses, 3-5 Auras)
+Very versatile!
+Can run any map mod except Blood Magic.
+Cleared all map tiers up to T13 without any further investment. (Full build version can clear everything except T15 Core)/Reached Level 95 (93 with budget version)

-You can't do anything without a party (only some dailies, no maps)
-Early on with low gear/gem levels you can get oneshotted by really high damage outputs
-Most likely between 3k and 4k health
-Endless currency sink if you want it to be


103 Points:

We pick every Aura node aside from Devotion and every curse Node that is useful with Curse on Hit. As we start Ranger its very easy to also pickup Iron Reflexes and we get access to some great nodes down there, that many other curse/aura builds leave out.

The build clearly lacks life, this is my playstyle. If you want life early on skip the top right of the tree and just grab the scion life wheel before advancing. I am fine with death early on and I want to be useful to the party as fast as possible. I would recommend doing the same, but just putting it out there.

Final Tree 117 points:

Cost and Overview:

Main gear:
Dying Breath: ~1c
Alpha's Howl: ~30c-1ex
2x Doedre's damning: ~5-30c each
Tabula: ~30c-1ex
Rare Boots: ~10-30c
Rare Amulet: ~10-30c
Rare Gloves: ~10-30c
Rare Belt: ~10-30c
Total Cost with jewels shouldn't be above 5 ex and with some sensible trading you should only pay around 3 ex. However this build can be a currency sink if you want to. You can see the 20+ Ex version on top and it requires pretty much the same gear, swapping Tabula for 6 Link Victarios and 6 Link Dying Breath is expensive.

Noteable Gems outside of curses/Auras:
Phase Run - Increased Duration - Vaal Grace - Rallying Cry (if you got the mana for it)
Vaal Haste - Increased Duration - Generosity
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
Tabula: Curse, Curse, Curse, Curse, Ball Lightning Lvl 1, Curse on Hit
Other than that auras you want to run. Here is an aura setup example: https://poe.mikelat.com/#FJetVfKd/24t7S

So how is this build being played?
Well when we join a group we ask for which curses they want and sometimes also which auras. We then swap curses in our tabula according to the party/map needs.
Standard aura setup should be: Grace (~60% phys reduction after IR), Haste, Anger/Wrath/Hatred, Discipline/Purity and generally in your Alphas Howl for +2
Standard curse setup should be: Temporal Chains, Enfeeble, Assasins Mark, Vulnerability (for chaos/phys)/Elemental Weakness (ele builds)
If the map doesnt require Vaal Grace (Easy Boss) then take it out, to gather souls faster for Vaal Haste.
Be in the front of the group with Phase Run, curse everything with ball lightning. Keep Vaal Haste up till you are close to the boss and then save it for boss. Vaal Grace should only be used for boss or other risky situations. You curse the boss asap and watch as it slowly dies.

Map Mods:
We can run every mod, except Blood Magic (no auras) and Curse Immune. For No regen use Blood Magic in tabula. Both Blood Magic and Curse Immune is fine if you accept being about 50-75% of your original usefulness.

Bandits: Oak/Passive/Passive

Dying Breath is the best option in my opinion, it buffs pretty much everything we do and it's cheap! The more sockets and links the better for giving you more options in your gear, but it runs just fine with a few sockets as well!

The other big 2 items for support chars are Quill Rain and Whispering Ice. I have tried both 6 linked.

Whispering Ice is the slowest, but with an Enhance 4 is the most effective for bosses and the additional chill is nice. However curses always take a second to apply longer than with Dying Breath and Quill Rain. Unless you do really high tier maps (t12+) I wouldn't recommend it. Whispering Ice does however enable 5 curses.

Quill Rain is great for fast mapping and in high tier maps has its defensive merits as you will curse everything fast enough. However it doesnt buff your auras and with some investment into the direction of the 20+ ex build you will perform similarly well with a Dying Breath. Quill Rain also only allows 3 curses.

Prism Guardian is also a fine pickup early on, but the missing life will hurt you a lot and long-term dying breath is just better. However on curse immune maps or when there is a dedicated curser in the group you can run it and everyone likes 82-84% Elemental Resists.


Tabula Rasa!
+Swap Curses as required by your party
+cheap 6L and very useful for leveling
+Huge Bonus when you get +1 Gem Level on Vaal
-No armor
-No life
-No resistances

Kaoms Heart
+HUGE life increase
-No Sockets (This means our 6L Curse Setup needs to be on our Weapon and can't be changed)
-Limits us a lot!

Hyrri's Ire
+Huge Evasion bonus means insane armor for us!
+10% dodge is great!
+Chill Duration with our increased skill effect duration provides more options for slowing down enemies
-Limited Options compared to Tabula

Victario's Influence
+Allows us to run a lot more auras
+Buffs our auras as well!
-Not as much freedom as Tabula
-Forces the 6L Curse setup outside of the Chest again, therefore making it expensive

Belly of the Beast Full Wyrmscale
+huge life increase
+good for our defences
-Limits our choices compared to Tabula
-Forces the 6L Curse setup outside of the Chest again

Rare Chests are also fine, but similar reasons apply for/against them compared to Tabula.

Nevertheless you are not forced to run Tabula, the other options just make you less versatile, which is perfectly fine if you have a standard group you run maps with. However I generally tend to play with many different people and that means I need to be able to swap curses. It also makes the build significantly less expensive and you are useful a lot earlier than other builds.

Alpha's Howl is great for us. Buffs auras, gives resistance, evasion and reduces mana reserved. Till you have it any rare helmet is fine!

Easiest way to reach 4 curses is through two Doedre's Damning. It's a bad ring, but it gives us what we need and that's the additional curse on enemies.

I run rare gloves to get some additional life, resistances and armor/evasion.

I run rare Boots to get some additional life, resistances and armor/evasion. The 30% Movementspeed is a must or you wont be running vaal haste and haste on generosity.

Windscream Reinforced Greaves: This means one more curse. The losses are obvious, our resistances suffer a bit and our movement speed goes to shit and you will need 30% movement speed.
If they do drop for you, you can also consider using them instead of one of the Curse Rings as well and use a great rare ring to bolster your defenses with that instead. Especially early on when the dps of your group still sucks you won't suffer to much from the lack of movement speed. However long term its a bad choice.

Atziri's Step: These boots are also great, but they require enough resistances on the rest of our gear to be able to wear them. However the armor, spell dodge and life are a great help to our defenses otherwise.

I run a rare Amulet to get as much resistances and life as possible. Keep in mind that strength also means additional HP! You will most likely need strength on your amulet and/or your belt to run Warlords mark.

I run a rare Belt to get as much resistances and life as possible. Remember we need some +strength for warlords mark and a belt is also a good choice to get it. Strength also equals more life, so keep that in mind when buying.

A quicksilver flask with additional movement speed and charge generation. The quicksilver we need for Vaal Haste on Generosity. After that you can pick what you like. I would recommend a jade flask, a bleed removal flask and a panic life flask as well as a Fire Resistance Flask with curse immunity.

Conqueror's Efficiency
- −2% increased Mana Reserved
- 4% increased Skill Effect Duration
- 3% reduced Mana Cost of Skills

Conqueror's Potency
- 4% increased Effect of your Curses
- 8% increased effect of Flasks
- 3% increased effect of Auras you Cast

Both are pretty good for the build. Just check if you need the Conquerers Efficiency for your auras, otherwise you could remove it. Similarly if you would rather have more defence you can remove conqurer's potency. After those two I utilize 7% increased maximum life and any % increase in Elemental Resistances and chaos resistance I can get. Other useful jewel stats include: Projectile Speed and Stun Recovery


Flame Totem and whatever you can find is probably your best option. Look at leveling guides. However I really really recommend partying up with friends or public players. You will want people to run maps with anyways later on and they can pull you through the leveling part. Try to get as much currency as possible, especially GCP! Don't forget to level jewels in your second weapon slots. If you got the currency get that tabula already!

Elemental Equilibrium and Avatar of Fire
With just 2 points we can pick that up. It's up to you, hurts fire builds, but buffs all other builds. I already rip many elemental builds that were able to do reflect maps before due to the higher dps by my auras and Dying Breath.

Item Priorities:
Tabula > Dying Breath > Doedre's Ring/Alpha Howl > life, resi rare gear
You can just run Purity of Elements till you are resicapped.

Temp Chains 20/20 is first priority for curses. Everything else can wait.

Huge Thanks to all the other Curse Guide writers, as I said this is my first serious character and I'm having quite a lot of fun as well as success with it. Thanks to my guild that helped/helps me with all the noob questions I have and even provided me with some gear early on in Warbands!

I would love to hear your feedback, suggestion and critcism! I love discussion, so tell me what you think about it!
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This part covers expanding from Budget to full version of the build. I will keep it short as by this point you should know what you are doing:

+1 Curse limit
+2 Auras (Hatred, Wrath, Haste, Anger in Victarios with Generosity 20) and Grace outside for defence https://poe.mikelat.com/#FJetVfKd/nmJ2T5Df/Pc4cp
+4 Levels on Vaal Haste
Enhance 4 for 24% extra curse quality
Haste and Vaal Haste on Generosity!

From Budget to full version in terms of gear:
Your first goal will be 6 Linking Dying Breath. This will cost ~750 fusings on average. After that drop tabula for a 6 !Socket! Vicatrio's Influence. Until you have it you can also use tabula for auras if you would like to swap those around. Generosity 1 will be plenty for now and 6 linking only really gives Generosity 20. Enlighten is not required.
Upgrade Life/Res Rare gear to allow for the removal of your amulet for the Karui Ward Jade Amulet!
Decide if you want Enhance 4 (~4-8 Ex) or Vicatario's Influence 6 Link (14-20 Ex bought, ~7 Ex on average selfmade) and go for one of the two first.
Regularly check for +1 Curse Karui Ward Jade Amulet and buy it for 1-2 ex.
Also regularly check for Alpha's Howl with +2 Vaal Gems from a vaal orb. (2-5 Ex)

The new curse limit will allow other party members to use their CoH setups or curse themselves. The additional auras are insane and you will rip people to reflect. DPS chars you map with and you care about should wear Sybils for reflect reduction or you will have to swap some of your auras for purities.
The new ball lightning speed from Karui Ward is good enough to keep up with Quill Rain. Vaal Haste should be up permanently, use Phase Run and the movement speed flask to keep up as always. Vaal Haste should be in Alphas Howl that means 24 Vaal Haste and 23 Generosity. This can be expanded with Empower 4 for Vaal Haste Level 28. (I will try this the next weeks)
Victarios is just an insane buff. Enhance 4 is extremely good for bosses and makes most of the lategame content to easy act 1 grinding.

You can also try to get an additional curse on hit on your gloves, but those will be worth at least an ex if you can cap resists with the new amulet so be aware of the risk.
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updated to my latest experience with the build. Can't wait to play the new version of it in Talisman!
Looks interesting! How is this going?
Update about 2 weeks of play in Talisman:


Cleared every T13 map and did the Dried Lake one with double boss. Party Play is insane, I buff around 80-100% more DPS through auras and Vaal haste is always up as long as the clear speed is acceptable. I am about to hit level 92.

I still rip quite a lot to high elemental damage and chaos damage. So I'm thinking about trying out phase acrobatics, but a more defensive playstyle would be fine. Sitting at 3.7k hp. Running Grace, Generosity Wrath or Anger, Haste and a Purity/Discipline/Arctic Armor.

For maps there isnt really a map we can't run, even in curse immune maps the build is still a great addition to the party as long as there isnt an aura bot in the party. For no regen maps we just use a blood magic gem in our tabula and everything is fine.

Leveling was the biggest pain in the ass, because I am also quite the noob still when it comes to that. However I got lucky and got a drillneck drop in Act 1 and got myself Dying Breath, Tabula and a Doedre Ring with it. First few maps I was still quite bad due to the low gemlevels after the shitty leveling phase, but after I got the second doedre and my Alphas Howl I was an acceptable party member. I just ran Purity of Elements for my own resi caps till I got the rest of the gear going. As soon as I had some Skill Effect Duration nodes I went for Vaal haste, Increased Duration and Generosity. ITS INSANE! I can keep up with a quicksilver with additional MS on it and Phase Run. Vaal Haste almost doubles the map clear speed you have with your party.

People also seem to be crazy for support builds. I have 2-3 groups of high tier mapers that whisper me to join their parties, which is quite nice and friend requests after public groups in dried lake or other maps.

Current goal is 6 linking my dying breath and after that trying out victarios influence and some other chests, as well as the phase acrobatics. Biggest insights so far is that Molten Shell CWDT is not as great as Immortal Call for the build due to skill duration nodes. For leveling I probably aim for around 93-94. This build can't really reach level 100 unless you take out some curse/aura effectiveness nodes for lifenodes.
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This seems pretty neat, and I'm definitely interested in trying it. Any specific pathing to follow while leveling? What's the most important stuff to get early on? What can wait until later on?
Didn't have much time so I only reached level 93. I did however 6 link my staff and upgrade my gear accordingly.

I picked up the shield for insane -max res maps with high additional elemental damage to keep dmg auras going as well as purities. Since I linked my Dying Breath I can now wear other chests as well. I will still be using tabula when im with certain parties (specific curses needed), but other than that my new chest gives me a good 500 HP boost. I also picked up my 5th curse, which most of the time is me self casting warlordsmark on bosses and when my party is low dps. Linked to reduced mana, since I got only 26 mana left after all auras (Blood Magic would be fine too). Karui ward gives me another 30% projectile speed, which really helps with the cursing and I'm thinking about getting some more chaos resistance on my gear and jeweles now that I have an actual chest.

For your question. There are two approaches, you either can skill tanky from the beginning and get curse/aura nodes later or do the exact reverse and be pretty squishy early on and get more survivability later on.

I tend to be okay with dieing a bit more early on, since it doesn't hurt to much levelwise and then I am actually a useful asset to the group, but this really depends a bit on the player and your group.
Skip the top right of the tree for now if you want to be tanky first.

For Items I use the same logic and therefore pick up the uniques first.
Alphas Howl ~1 ex
Dying Breath ~1c
Doedre's Ring ~7-15c (depending on how long the league has been going on)
Tabula ~30c
(in order I would say Tabula (useful for leveling) > Dying Breath (cheap) > Doedres and Alphas Howl (more curses or better auras up to you what is more important)

and I also pickup some cheap ~max 5 chaos resi/life items and definitely 30% movementspeed boots, but that gear really isnt critical (I ran around with blue stuff that just had the right links and gem colors + 30% ms on boots till around level 75)

For Gems you ideally want a 20/20 Temp Chains as early as possible. (Buy it at some 13-18% range and just spend some currency to get it to 20/20) All your curses should be 20/20 at some point, but temp chains makes a huge diffrence. Your aura gems don't really need to be 20/20 since Dying Breath gives you similar range as other aura bots have with the quality.

You also want your Increased Duration gems with Vaal Haste as soon as you pick up the skill effect nodes. It makes a huge difference.
However you can slow level all your gems, dont forget to level in the offhand and just quality them when they hit level 20. Dried Lake is your friend early on, since people are unlikely to want you in maps before you have your uniques and Vaal Haste going and I find it faster in dried lake anyways than running with low dps groups in low level maps.

Other than that just upgrade your gear slowly.

The other route gets good rares ~30c - 1ex first, but that means you are pretty useless. (2 Curses, mana reservation is shit, no tabula which also helps with leveling, but you wont die!)

The thing to remember is that you are flexible with your auras. Fuck the DPS if you dont have resi capped you will run Purity of Elements. Grace is up anyways and Arctic Armor or Discpline also buff your hp quite a bit, if you really need it.

For leveling I say if you got currency get that tabula and go flametotem or some other common leveling technique. Ideally you level with everyone else at the start of a league in groups, but this league I also was to late for that. So that means painfully slow leveling and I really can't give much advice on it, I did eventually path to Dual Totem, but it takes a long time for a Ranger to get there.

I'll rewrite the guide over the weekend, since I made a lot of small changes to my build already and I want to explain it a bit better, since some parts where still theorycrafting when I now know what works and what doesn't work.

When I'm home Ill also post you some screenshots and maybe I'll do a video the next few days (but my upload sucks, so it might take some time till I have it uploaded).

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Could you post some pictures or better a video?

Yeah tried uploading a video. Took way to long ~1 day in still bad quality. I got 100 kb/s upload and I cant do anything else while it is uploading. If you want to see the build in action you can always whisper me and I'll join for some maps/dried lake.

Like I said I've been trying out stuff this week and I think I am going to stick to 94 as I would have to play pretty defensive to run any map without dieing, which I dont think makes sense on softcore.

I picked up a Alpha's Howl with +2 Vaal Gems. Which puts my Vaal Haste on 24 and Generosity on 23. Since I also decided to stop leveling I did finally pickup a Tablula with +1 Gem Level. Now its time to farm a Enlighten and Enhance 4 and try out how crazy my curses/aura can be. Enlighten level 2 with Tabula +1 already allows me to run Wrath, Anger, Haste, Grace and since its a tabula I can freely switch my auras depending on the needs of the group I run with. When I have a good enhance I will give curses a try as well in the tabula, since 32% quality from Enhance 5 seems pretty potent with Temp Chains. (16% more slow!). I also upgraded some of my jewels to have life/resi and now chaos resistance. I have also removed Conqueror's Potency Cobalt Jewel for now as I am experimenting if it really is worth the jewel slot.

The recent bugfix that nerfed the double dipping of evasion and armor nodes hit the build quite hard. I lost around 9k armor through it. However defences are still quite high (16k armor with Grace). Most common death is still high elemental damage (damn flame throwers from act 1), but I am also not using a ruby flask which at this point is pretty dumb from me and I will at least have one in my stash in the future. However if you really would like to be more tanky just run discipline or some purities and you should be okay as well, just nerfs party damage.

http://i.imgur.com/FXIjh5c.png Thats defences without grace
http://i.imgur.com/IDDVCfh.png Defences with my standard aura setup (Grace lvl 19 (+1 from tabula), Haste, Wrath, Anger)
http://imgur.com/mfVh23t Movementspeed with Haste, Phase Run and Flask. This is why I can keep up on Generosity Vaal Haste.

For Map mods Bloodmagic is still quite bad, since all auras will be off.
No Regen I can use only two curses. (Swapping my temp chains in the slot of phase run and then cursing temp chains, warlordsmark). Unless I get myself another set of gear ready that I can just swap in for those maps.
High bonus elemental damage is pretty rippy if its 2+ with another dmg mod like crit or poison on hit.

Maps I did recently was solo boss colosieum, another double brittle Emperorer, double necro and double crematorium as well as lots of Gorges, Plateau maps, where I think the build shines the most.

Profile is public by the way so feel free to check my stuff. Relevant character is Jindor_FullSupport.
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Updated the guide to more accurately fit my latest learnings.

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