Community Showcase - Jack in the Box, Brutus vs the Ranger and more!

Jack in the Box by DaveyDave808

Path of Exile poem by Raycheetah
I'll rise up on the shore among the dead
With fire and steel put down the ones that rise
Reflected in the dark behind the dread
Which haunts the shivering survivors' eyes

Through swamp and tunnels dank I'll make my way
On cliffs and mountain paths I'll raise my voice
Through durance vile I'll strive to light of day
Alone against the Siren's brood by choice

Through shadowed woods and ancient ruins I'll roam
Bring down and drive away an eldritch night
There in a city horrors make their home
Against an empire's heirs I'll set my might

I cannot say what end will be my fate
I only know that Nightmare yet awaits

Hideout Submission - Tristram by Martox29A

Martox29A wrote:
Tristram Hideout
Catarina's Unearthed Hideout - Standard League

I'm reposting here my HOTW submission (never featured)! You can find the original thread here (with a different imgur album and a youtube video if you're interested).
Even though it was never picked as HOTW i still think it deserves some love, as i recieved lots of praises both here on the forums and ingame (thank you all!), in any case it’s a really nice hideout to use and “live” as a permanent hideout, when I play in standard.

The theme of this hideout can be described like this:
Martox29A wrote:
The idea behind this hideout was to rebuild the town of Tristram (as seen in D1) as a tribute to the Diablo series. Catarina’s hideout has the perfect atmosphere for that.
The original idea quickly evolved to include a small cemetery, the ruined cathedral and the descent to hell (including a small heavenly prelude, as seen in D2).

I understand that right now the Diablo and PoE series are technically competitors, but i ment this only as an innocent tribute to something that had been important in my youth, nothing more.

Here are the new images (you can click on them to enlarge them to full resolution):

Tristram Town main square, with it's iconic well.

Some more details from of buildings.

Tristram cemetery!

Tristram cathedral.

The altar with the map device inside. On the left the entrance to the catacombs.

After the catacombs, right before the gates of hell, a small heavenly prelude (as seen in D2).

The infernal landscape, in all it's dark magnificence.

The infernal wastes, where the souls of the damned are tormented for all eternity!

If you like what you see don't forget to click on the images to view them at full resolution, and visit my original thread for a new and detailed imgur album and youtube video!
Fan Art - Brutus vs The Ranger by SkintickeT5

Community Highlights Teaser by Mirek Le Fou
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Community Highlights Teaser by Mirek Le Fou


That Helman moment into the Awakening logo is awesome :D Good job
Dude! He got a Hegemony's!!

Grats :P
1st page YAY!

Come out with another support pack GGG! I got some more money to give you guys :$

P.S. PoE has best relationship between dev team and community out there right now. Nice to hear you guys on the podcast. You guys sounded like your brains were going to explode with the amount of possibilities you guys are exploring. Thanks for keeping it fresh
GitGud, GitNerfed, Repeat.
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I laughed so hard with the Jack video.
Dang. Thought there was an off chance the patch might be today.
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