Development Manifesto: Warbands and Tempest Content

The Warbands and Tempest challenge leagues were designed in a different way than regular Path of Exile leagues. They both emphasise the theme of "area matters" and both include user interface changes that indicate the status of various world areas.

Neither of these leagues was designed to be included in Path of Exile as a permanent feature, but elements of them will be returning in various ways. This manifesto post briefly explains our current plans for integrating their content into the core game.

Although Warbands wasn't designed to be a permanently-on part of Path of Exile, there are several places we can use it in the future. Because the Warbands members drop their special uniques and magic items, this allows these items to be obtained in the future (albeit not on-demand).

We plan to add a Unique Strongbox that spawns Warbands members. We're considering map mods and other incidental content that cause Warbands to occur from time to time.

There's also the possibility of running a "Warbands Week" for Standard/Hardcore in the future, if we're looking for an event that does allow for special items to be found while making the game more difficult.

The Warbands mod will be available from Zana, as normal. We will wait until the start of the next challenge leagues before we rebalance its level and cost.

Tempest also wasn't designed as part of the regular Path of Exile experience. However, it opened up a plethora of interesting individual Tempests that will be useful for future map mods and races. Expect to see the most interesting of these from time to time.

Like Warbands, the Tempest mod will be available from Zana. When the new challenge leagues start, its cost and level may be adjusted.

We feel that a "Tempest Week" type of event would probably be too fatiguing to introduce for Standard/Hardcore in the future. Tempest is probably too overwhelming for a mandatory event that players can't opt into.

Unique Items
Warbands uniques will not drop from the regular game but can be found when you encounter Warbands members in the future. Tempest unique items will not drop from the regular game and can only be found through Zana's Map Device. We may introduce alternate art race/PvP reward versions of these uniques in the future.

We'll be posting a design postmortem of Warbands and Tempest in the future, when we talk about what we learnt and what we're doing differently with the next pair of leagues. In the meantime, you'll get to experience both Warbands and Tempest alongside your favourite older leagues in the upcoming Flashback events next week!
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"ran out of high teir maps to leave on the ground - people kept taking the higher teirs" - Da Pagionator
I really enjoyed the Tempest league. I thought it brought a really fun element to the game.
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these were sadly one of the worst leagues experience I had since closed beta. no wonder they lasted for only 10 weeks. hopefully the next leagues aren't nearly as bad
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borring easy leagues. I believe next pair will be harder. 30 guys on HC league with lvl 100, never forget!

Not my favorite leagues, so they really will not be missed.
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Please consider a Warband map mod! The Warband boss type enemies (and Chaos generals) were too cool not to have around.
Jul 27, 2011 - Sept 30, 2018.
Alright, pretty much as expected.

Do you plan on changing the drop rates of their stuff? Most players in Warbands (even those that played quite a lot) never had more than one wb unique drop (at least that's what I hear on 710, you'll have more accurate data yourself I suppose).

I do have another question though: Both Warbands and Tempest were made with (and apparently balanced around) the idea that the community shares information about the map statuses. There's no way this is going to happen in any relevant manner once you need to pay a Zana entrance fee for any such map.

Will tempests/warbands switch less frequently in maps after being gated behind Zana mods? Will there be some other indicator so we don't have to keep wasting the mod price? Maybe you guarantee a warband named unique?
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The mechanics had so much potential but - particularly with Warbands - they were just too RNG-gated to fulfil it, and the WB blue items too rare.

If you add "Map contains 2-6 Brinerot packs", "Map contains 2-6 Redblade packs", "Map contains 2-6 Mutewind packs" and "Map contains a Chaos Warband" to the map mod pool as fairly uncommon rolls, players will be able to experience these fights in the future.
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