Community Showcase - Fun With Divination Cards, The Bloodbath Shuffle and More!

Divination Cards Fun! by LiftingNerdBro

Hyaon's Unique Legion Sword by Hyaon

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It was hand-crafted by an Scottish sword-maker. You can see the very slight imperfections on the pommel and blade, but this is high quality for times back then. I did not want a factory machined sword which would have been faster and cheaper but I felt it'd have no soul. It was overall an 18 month wait and took some patience! It is no good as a letter opener but it's great for attacking parcels with. The rune scriptions have a personal meaning for me, but knowing my luck it spells something like 'dickbutt' due to the lost translation of the old language from hundreds of years ago!"

[Fan Art] The Meadows - Unique Map and Unique Belt by SkintickeT5
Here is just a snippet of the many cool and interesting ideas represented with fan art by Skinticke. Check out their thread for more information.

[Fan Art] The Warden by Nodasi

The Bloodbath Shuffle - Path of Exile's Newest Dance Craze! by ZiggyD

If you'd like to submit your work to be considered in future news posts, just post it in the Community Showcase section on the forum.

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IGN : Detrium
lol great stuff and lol i realized i actually was watching when he did the divi cards lol
Glad to see the community showcase. Basically everything I missed on reddit/forums.
Oh man, that sword!
IGN: Aleep,Fly_Toy
Dat shuffle lol
D3 sucks
Last edited by Sprongley on Sep 13, 2015, 11:17:49 PM
Divination cards would be more fun if they actually dropped once in a while.
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