Experimental Brazilian Gateway

If the latency is higher than you expect, please run an MTR (instructions here) to br.login.pathofexile.com and let us know the results. We can then pass these on to ISPs to have them pick better routes to the server.
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Last edited by Chris on Sep 9, 2015, 7:45:27 PM
Nice, I'll check it out asap.
Good to see this happen, I'm sure all of the Brazilians will be excited for this!

Low-Life? I prefer No-Life.
so chris, when are we getting NZ server? 60ping far too high <3
>Brazilian gateway
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omfff thank u so muchhhh im a great suppoorter from rio de janeiro and i love ur job guysss
A new age begin \o/

Ty Chris, ruv u *-*

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