[2.2] Ayvi's Point Blank Tornado shot / Puncture build! Uber viable!

Hi Tornado shot enthusiasts! I'd like to introduce you to my point blank Tornado shot/ Puncture build. I feel like point blank is very underrated to most people and would like to demonstrate it's power in uber runs.

This build is mainly for uber runs. If you prefer to map with this build, take out point blank and I reccomend taking chain in the subclass.


Q. Why am I using Vaal Lightning Trap? Because it shocks the ground, causing permanent shock for a short duration. This allows me to do extra damage from Weapon Elemental Damage + Physical to Lightning gems

Uber run. You can see the gears at the end. How to deal with bosses is explained at the bottom of this post.


Kill / Oak (Oak if you need hp. Kill if you want another point)
Oak (Damage)
Kill (Another passive)


You may be asking why I didn't spec into Frenzy. The reason is simply because I don't like building frenzy charges during boss fights. Why build charges when I can just pour out dps with my TS? Plus, I don't need extra frenzy charges because the mob clear speed is already top notch, even with less valuable gears.

Jewels (May vary)

Here are my stats with non mirrored gear (Screenshots are taken in my hideout, with Ash + Hatred)

Atziri/Uber strategy

Vaal- Toss 2 punctures and 1 vaal lightning trap on vaal that you activate. Let your traps do the work while you just right click with all your buffs.

Trio- It's prefered if you kill the ranged boss first because her aoe is very deadly. Kill the scissor chasing guy next because his enrage form sucks to fight against! Kite and lay traps in his path and just attack. Cycloner is pretty easy afterwards. Make sure you don't limit your surrounding by killing 2 of the bosses in bad spots.

Atziri- Most of your dps time is when she's casting her storm call/ flame blast. When she's tossing spear you can attack and run. Try to avoid standing in 1 spot when she's tossing spears. During split phases, be on the lookout where her spear form is. Distance yourself to the opposite side she you're out of it's attack range.

Which Ascendncy class? Deadeye of course!

1. Fast and Deadly for the DPS boost.
2. Sharp and Venomous. Toss a puncture trap linked with poison gem on a boss. Easiest damage boost of your life.
3. Far shot. This will help mitigate the damage penalty from point blank.

Misc. You can take Chain over Sharp and Venomous if you prefer speed clear for mobs.


Please post questions here so it can be discussed. Don't pm me in game
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NICE THREAD! and AMEN about MIRROR ARROW fucken its the key to accomplishing bad ass shit! Thanks for helping me learn how to do uber and being patient with me! ( even though you a dick sometimes I appreciate you and your help )
MF vid added
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When you equip MF Section,what's your way deal with the Movement speed problem?
Fly_Cook wrote:
When you equip MF Section,what's your way deal with the Movement speed problem?

Surgeon Quicksilver flasks, I run taste of hate + atziri's promise to up my damage so it's hard for my flasks to be empty for mob clears
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I think one of the most safer and destructives builds at the moment.
Cgz Bailees and,,,,,, thk for your help in UBer.
IS a pleasure watch your stream when you go to uber ....fast , safe and clean.!!!!

See you ingame ;-)
I loled at your accuracy score.
Have you tried Lighting Arrow? It's the fastest map clearer for me, but it's not well suited for boss fights.
Ranger builds list: /917964
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I loled at your accuracy score.
Have you tried Lighting Arrow? It's the fastest map clearer for me, but it's not well suited for boss fights.

I have tried LA and carried a full party in high level maps. I do agree LA has the fastest clear, but I just like TS so much because of it's versatility :P
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Big ups to this guy for being really helpful ingame!
Hey Bailees!

Bought some Atziri Steps from you the other day, not sure if you remember me or not. Really liked your reasoning behind the Tree as it is very different from how people are approaching things at the moment. I agree that during Atziri losing Charges is very much a pain and I plan on speccing back into Power Charges to see how that goes.

Mapping is pretty nice with how snowbally it can get with 8 Frenzy Charge, but after thinking it over it us true that we likely do not need it.
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