[2.4]God of AOE [Dagger reaver] Slayer

DerPizzadieb wrote:
Playing HC League right now and due to the lack of choices i started with claws.
They saved my ass quite some time now due to Life on Hit and if i compare to daggers, they seem to get more Phys damage from nodes, also more attack speed, Dual leech and boost, Charge Steal, 10% less Crit chance and sadly a a loss of 90% Multiplier.

What do you think of using claws over daggers, i never reall tried them and i dont now if they are endgame viable.

Claws got too low crit chance
Everything is awesome!
Its fun build, but hard in new league. Idk what im doing wrong.
i use this build in the new league, too. Having no problems with DMG since abyssus etc.
My problem is the defence specialy against bosses. How u can survice Atziri etc ?
viable 2.4 ? with this gear?
Currently using this build in essence league, very fun so far.

I'm a bit confused on the aspect of leech, which seems like a big part of this build.
In the screenshots I see the leech being around 1% or more. Where does this leech come from? I have only .75% leech or so, including a .35% on my gloves. Does having more matter? There's none on the tree so I'm just wondering if I need more.
I have tried this build today.

The damage and clear speed is insane, but the low hp is kinda meh

I have 4k hp at level 83 and this using the HC version of the build O.o
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Everything is awesome!
Will this build work with Blade Flurry?
Worked for me, I only changed multistrike and was able to beat minotaur what i couldn't do with reave.
can i ask, what would be the best Ascendant Skills for Scion with this build?

and also, can still have high DPS on a 5-link only?

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