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Exactly a year ago today, we released Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters, which included the Master Crafting System. A week after release, we patched in the level 8 Crafting Metamods. They were described in the patch notes as "They affect the rules of what mods can be added or changed on an item."

These mods allow for many interesting behaviours, like locking all of an item's prefixes in place and then scouring/divining the remaining ones. They're a powerful (but expensive) crafting mechanic for end-game players. These interactions were purposefully undocumented. Like many other aspects of our crafting system, it's up to the players to work out clever interactions and the best way to craft items.

Over the last year, we saw players use more and more of the cool tricks possible with Metamods in their crafting.

Yesterday, a reddit post was made where some players explained how they've been crafting items using clever Metamod interactions. The reactions in that thread surprised me, because not only have these mods been in the game for a year, but I've seen people using them publicly in these ways before. It turns out that this knowledge wasn't completely widespread.


Why was this behaviour not clearly documented?

A large part of crafting and trading in Path of Exile is access to information. The value of items relative to the current metagame is constantly shifting. The value of mods rolled on items changes over time also. For example, +3 bow skills is great at the moment, but has been terrible in the past. There are secret recipes - one that generates a Regal Orb was only added to the wiki today, despite being in the game for years and also known by many people.

When we introduce new orbs, mods, items or crafting systems, we don't explain how to use them. The intention is that players try them out and find out what works. We feel that's a lot more fun than us just handing you an optimal crafting guide. Path of Exile is all about being rewarded for being clever.

Why did Carl quickly delete a reddit comment last year clarifying how this works?

He didn't want to accidentally reveal what was, at the time, not commonly known by the community. In the same way to how we don't reveal vendor recipes, we don't want to accidentally affect the natural progression of how players work out crafting tricks.

But someone says that this was changed in 2.0.0 to work differently?

This isn't true. We coded it with this intention, tested it, released it and players have been using it. We checked the code today and it hasn't changed during that year.

Please note that there is incentive for people to mislead others if they find a secret recipe or crafting trick.

Orb of Scouring says "Removes all properties from an item"! Why doesn't it remove mods that are locked?

The purpose of Mods is to override the regular game rules. If you have an item that says "You Can't Be Frozen", then that overrules the game rules that freeze you. In this case, the "Prefixes Cannot Be Changed" mod that you can explicitly add to an item overrules the static behaviour of the Orb of Scouring. Removal counts as a change.

Note that this explanation that they affect crafting rules was made in the initial patch notes when the metamods were released.

Is the behaviour going to stay like this?

It's very likely, unless some surprising problems are found. It has been used by people for quite some time, and while it's a powerful crafting method, it's an intentional feature that just happens to be hitting public adoption a bit later than we expected.

But the economy is broken now!

No, it's just a bit different for certain items. The economy has shifted in the past and it'll absolutely keep shifting in the future. That's part of the fun of trading.

We've found often when players use the word "broken" to describe the economy, they mean two things:
  • a) It's reacting to a behaviour change in the correct way.
  • b) It's different to what they are used to.

Can we have a Chaos Orb sink?

Chaos Orbs are already being consumed in vast amounts. The reason for the currency exchange rate shift that people are discussing is that Exalted Orbs now have higher demand. This is normal. The utility of specific currency items has and will continue to wax and wane based on metagame requirements in the future. (It's also worth noting that we believe some of the correction here is due to the removal of Eternal Orbs finally being felt in crafting - the rate of "Yolo Exalts" has increased.)

Additional uses for all currency items will continue to be added over time in future patches. We're not going to rush them in to try to keep the exchange rates fixed at some specific place though.
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I thought the purpose of the removal of Eternal Orbs was to prevent a phenomenon you talked about in State of Exile's podcast known as "Rare Convergence". Wouldn't this method of crafting be more increasingly popular compared to the rate at which Eternal Orbs were used for? Granted you can no longer get 6 Tier 1 mods, but getting 4-5 Tier 1 Mods would still be a lot easier and cheaper compared to the previous cost of Eternal Orbs.

You guys also noted you have the ability to change the drop rates of any item.currency,orb at any time. With this method now being released to the public isn't the demand of Exalted Orbs expected to increase while Drop rates remain the same? Will GGG change the drop rates to mimic the increased consumption?
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Where can I play the version of PoE without masters, in my opinion, all theyve done is screw up the game I like to play, and negatively affect each area of the game I play, racing\crafting\economy\end game.

Also, making the cost go from 2 eternals to 2 ex is incredibly short sighted. Why is the cost not 6 - 8 exalts for this mod now?

Edit also :

Why did Carl quickly delete a reddit comment last year clarifying how this works?

He didn't want to accidentally reveal what was, at the time, not commonly known by the community. In the same way to how we don't reveal vendor recipes, we don't want to accidentally affect the natural progression of how players work out crafting tricks.

I don't even know what to say, once the cat was out of the bag, it was out of the bag, but only for the people who saw it.
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I'm like a teenage girl at this point, I literally can't even.
I'm glad that this has been clarified. So much whining and crying on reddit that the game is broken and all this awful bullshit. Thanks man. Keep up the awesomeness
thanks for the clarification, should help clear up some of the confusion.
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Thank you for clarifying this. The only change I want to see is more uses for chaos orbs and not have every high end crafting option be in exalts. Exalts are stupid rare to begin with and making those meta mods that cheap caused all of this to happen. Players did not experiment with the mods beforehand cause they were way too expensive. Now the price seems okay but is still in exalts. One other change I would like to see is some kind of vendor recipe or vendor/master trade up for exalts (full set of Unique items maybe?) just so it can be a bit easier to farm for exalts, as it is already easy to farm for chaos and regals provided you can get to areas of appropriate level.

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